The 2016 Seattle Fresh Hops Festival Starts This Friday


Have you been enjoying Fresh Hop season?  I don’t know about you, but my lupulin levels must be through the roof.  I love the abundance of hoppy beers available this time of year and am thankful that I live in the Northwest, which produces the best Fresh Hop beers available in the World.

So, have I had enough?  Not by a long shot.  I know there are opinions out there that hops are overused in the craft beer industry and that the IPA style has taken over too much and become too hoppy.  To that I say, absurd.  Yes, there are some ridiculously hoppy beers out there. That’s great for those of us who enjoy them.   If you don’t, however, then don’t drink them. It’s just that simple.

The abundance and popularity of IPAs and hoppy Pale Ales doesn’t mean there aren’t other choices out there. Although, I will admit, most tap lists are rather hop-heavy this time of year for obvious reasons.  If you’re like me though and just can’t get enough then you’re in luck, because the 2016 Seattle Fresh Hops Festival starts this Friday at Hale’s Palladium.


Here is some more information about this festival from City Fruit and Hale’s:

The Yakima Valley of Washington State is one of the most important hop growing regions in the world. Because of the boom in the beer industry, especially craft brewing in the U.S., demand for hops is at an all-time high.  And our own Yakima Valley contains approximately 75% of the total U.S. hop acreage! Approximately 2/3’s of the hops produced in the Yakima Valley are exported to countries all over the globe. Depending on the variety of hops, growers begin to harvest late August thru September.

Once a year brewmasters descend on Yakima’s Hop Country to hand pick their favorite varieties of hops, all with varying degrees of bitterness and aromatics. And they can’t wait to brew a batch or too with what they’ve chosen! Join in the fun and experience the wide range of fresh hop style beers and see what the excitement is all about!


  • 20 Corners Brewing Co
  • Bad Jimmy’s Brewing Co
  • Counterbalance Brewing
  • Dirty Bucket Brewing
  • Elysian Brewing
  • Flycaster Brewing
  • Fremont Brewing
  • Ghostfish Brewing
  • Hales Ales
  • Lowercase Brewing
  • Lucky Envelope Brewing
  • Microhops
  • Northsound Brewing
  • Outlander Brewing
  • Redhook Brewery
  • Schooner Exact Brewing
  • Seattle Cider Co.
  • Two Beers Brewing Company
  • Triplehorn Brewing Co
  • Woodinville Ciderworks
Seattle Fresh Hops Festival
October 7th & 8th, 2016
Hale’s Palladium
4301 Leary Way NW
Friday, October 7
6-9 pm
Saturday, October 8

This special seasonal event benefits City Fruit, who harvests unused fruit from urban households to help provide food for local food banks and shelters.

I wasn’t able to make it out to Yakima for the Fresh Hop Ale Festival this year, so I’m glad City Fruit and Hale’s are putting on this festival.  I’m going to keep on drinking all the delicious Fresh Hop Ales I can for as long as they’re available before the Fall beer season really arrives in force and floods us with all those wonderful, dark, rich, warming, perhaps even bourbon-barrel-aged Stouts, Porters and all those other wonderful Wintertime libations.

Get your tickets for this year’s Fresh Hops Festival now at the link above.  There are three sessions to choose from, so you can select the time that works the best for you.  If you get hungry during the festival, food and sliders will be provided by Hale’s.  So come out to Ballard this weekend and join in this delicious celebration of the hop harvest.

Drink responsibly and stay safe out there.

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