Teku Tavern Set To Open On October 18th – UPDATED


We’re blessed here in the Northwest to live in an area where there are so many great breweries.  Having easy access to so many great beers is great for craft beer fans like us, but it’s also part of what allows Seattle to have some of the best tap and bottle shops around.  Some of the most popular and well known ones include The Beer Junction, Bottleworks and Chuck’s Hop Shop.

Now, joining those establishments is Seattle’s newest tap and bottle shop: Teku Tavern.  Named for the Teku style of glassware that has been called the “World’s best beer glass”, Teku Tavern is looking to, as they put it, elevate the beer scene in Seattle.  They’ll have 50 taps, 3 cask stations and 29 refrigerators of beer and cider to go.

The Teku Glass - Called The World's Best Beer Glass

The Teku Glass – Called The World’s Best Beer Drinking Glass

Here is the full press release from Teku Tavern:

SEATTLE – October 4, 2016 – Teku Tavern, a new high-tech tavern and bottle shop in Seattle, offers 50 taps and three cask stations serving draft beer, plus 29 refrigerators containing bottles of beer, cider, wine, and mead available for retail sale. The dog-friendly space will feature a custom 40-foot bar alongside 9-foot beer hall tables, providing seating for up to 140 people, with patio seating to be added next spring. Hours will accommodate Seahawks, Sounders, Mariners and NCAA football games. Snacks will be available onsite and patrons will be encouraged to bring in food from the many neighboring eateries.

Looking to elevate the beer scene in Seattle, owners, Rich Powell and Karrie Stewart, are demanding a higher caliber drinking experience at Teku Tavern.

“There is a lot of great beer being made and served in Seattle, and we wanted to continue that trend but with a more focused effort on holding every stage accountable, from brewer to glass,” Stewart said. “From hand-selecting each beer that goes on tap, to ensuring lines are thoroughly cleaned between kegs, as well as hiring Cicerone certified beer servers, we’re hoping that we can help educate our customers and encourage them to expect more while enjoying a beer.”

Each draft beer will be served through a custom built four-gas-blend system ensuring each beer is poured at the right flow rate and carbonation level for its temperature. The Digital Pour inventory system will be used to track real-time availability of beers on tap, as well as the retail selection and fridge location in-store. This information will be accessible in the tavern via tablet kiosks as well as online at the tavern’s website.

“Being in Seattle, a tech and craft beer hub, it was important for us to integrate technologies like Digital Pour which do a great job enabling accessibility and understanding,” said Powell. “With a digital menu and inventory system, we’re able to organize offerings by flavor profile, then add more detailed descriptions for each beer, displaying all the information in real time. The same technology that helps make beer accessible to the novice beer drinker also helps the seasoned veteran find something new.”

The 3,700-square-foot tavern will have plenty of space to host large parties and private events. Regularly scheduled brewer’s nights will allow breweries to come in and not only showcase their beers but also host classes covering topics such as food pairings, storing and aging, as well as tasting panels highlighting the impact serving temperature and glassware can have on the flavors of a beer.

“We’re not only passionate about quality but almost more important to us is educating others, because that’s how we fell in love with craft beer,” said Powell. “Our appreciation for beer is more than just an enjoyment of what we’re drinking. We study it. We take time to break it down, learn the history, understand why we enjoy it, and we want others to feel that excitement too.”

Stewart, a former Flight Test Engineer for Boeing, and husband Powell, a Product Manager for Amazon, developed their own passion and high standard for quality through years of attending lectures and beer education events from coast to coast. Both are Cicerone certified beer servers and Powell has received his Associates from The Siebel Institute in Brewing Technology.

“We’re committed to providing a large bottle selection where anyone can walk in and find something new or an old favorite,” said Stewart. “As well as serving each beer on tap through clean lines in the appropriate glassware to ensure the aromas and flavors are featured exactly how the brewer intended.”

Don’t miss the grand opening celebration on #TekuTuesday, Oct. 18 and visit www.tekutavern.beer for more information on events, the history of the Teku Glass and beer education resources.

Taproom Address: Teku Tavern, 552 Denny Way, Seattle, WA 98109

Website: www.tekutavern.beer

Find us: Facebook, Twitter – @TekuTavern, Instagram – TekuTavern

I’m excited about Teku’s devotion the craft beer experience and their desire to help educate craft beer consumers.  It’s also great to hear that they are hiring Cicerone certified servers, which means they’ll really know their stuff.  It definitely helps the experience when your server is knowledgeable enough to provide you with good answers to any questions you might have about the beers available, style questions, the proper glassware for each beer, etc.

Their four-gas-blend tap system also sounds intriguing.  I’m looking forward to getting a closer look at it as well as their digital pour inventory system.  I’ve seen systems like this before, which keep track of how much beer is left in each keg, so you know when a particular beer is getting close to running out.  From start to finish, it sounds like Teku is poised to deliver a top notch craft beer experience.  They’re also dog friendly, which is a big plus for me.  Mark your calendar now and come out for their grand opening on Tuesday, October 18th.

UPDATE: Here are some photos from my preview visit to Teku Tavern last week:







The Impressive Multi-Gas Line Setup At Teku

The Impressive Multi-Gas Line Setup At Teku



Drink responsibly and stay safe out there.

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