Fresh Hop Pale Ale Arrives Tomorrow From Black Raven Brewing



We’re well into Fresh Hop season here in the Northwest (in fact the Yakima Fresh Hop Festival is coming up this weekend).  The Puget Sound’s proximity to the Yakima Valley means that local craft breweries have incredible access to the nation’s largest hop producing region.  This allows local breweries to produce what I believe are the best Fresh Hop beers available anywhere in the World.

Most Fresh Hop beers (also sometimes referred to as Wet Hop) are brewed using hops that were still on the vine less than 24 hours ago.  This gives them a unique hop character you won’t find in other, regular, IPAs or Pale Ales.  With all the Fresh Hop releases coming one after the other right now, it’s like Disneyland for hop heads.  Someone get me an E ticket!

The next fresh hop release we can look forward to arrives tomorrow from Black Raven Brewing Company (CBM Sponsor).  Their 2016 Fresh Hop Pale Ale was brewed a couple of weeks back on September 13th with 400 pounds of fresh Amarillo hops and is now ready for its debut.

Black Raven Picking Up Hops In The Yakima Valley On September 13th

Black Raven Picking Up Hops In The Yakima Valley On September 13th

Here is some more information about this release from Black Raven Brewing Company:

“2016 Fresh Hop Pale Ale”
Wet Hopped Pale Ale
5.7% ABV

Release date: Tuesday, September 27th

We brewed this beer with 400 pounds
of Amarillo whole cone wet hops!

Wet hop/fresh hop beers can only be brewed at harvest time (August/September in the northern hemisphere) each year. Typically hops are kiln dried and further processed. In wet hop beers, the hops are used directly from the field within 24 hours of harvest. This imparts a very unique, sharp flavor with bold aromatics.

ABV: 5.7 %
Malts: Two row pale, Crystal 20
Hops: Amarillo (wet, freshly harvested whole cone)
Dry hopped with Green Bullet

Draft only
Growler fills available

“If it got any fresher, you might be inclined to slap it!”

Please be aware, as noted above that Black Raven’s 2016 Fresh Hop Pale will only be available on tap.  So be sure to visit Black Raven’s taproom, The Raven’s Nest, to have a few pints and pick yourself up a growler or two.  I would also expect to see Fresh Hop Pale on tap a a select few local craft beer bars.

Drink responsibly and stay safe out there.

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