Cease & Desist IPA Returns For Seahawks Season From Foggy Noggin Brewing

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Are you ready for some football?  If you are (and I know you are!) then you’re also ready for the return of a Seahawks/Marshawn Lynch-inspired IPA.  They can’t call it “12th Man” or “Skittles” (due to a cease & desist order from Texas A&M University), so please welcome back Cease & Desist IPA from Foggy Noggin Brewing Company.

Only around for the Seahawks season, Cease & Desist IPA gets its unique, slightly tart flavor from the addition of Marshawn Lynch’s favorite fruity candy.  Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it.  Cease & Desist IPA returns this coming Saturday, September 10th – just in time for the Seahwaks home opener against the Miami Dolphins on the 11th.  Go Hawks!


Here is some more information about this beer from Foggy Noggin Brewing Company:

Saturday – September 10th (12-5pm) – we release our Cease & Desist Skittles IPA (English IPA) (6.3% ABV – 70 IBU) for the 2016-17 Seahawks Football Season. Yes there are real Skittles in this beer, actually 2.5 lbs. in each 1/2BBL batch.

It’s Back! Cease & Desist IPA Returns for Seahawks Season!

The beer that created all the excitement during the Seahawks Super Bowl run, is back for the 2016 season.

We can’t call it 12th Man Skittles IPA, due to a Cease & Desist order we received from Texas A&M University.

What we can say is, this beer helped the Seahawks win the 2014 Super Bowl.

We will have it on tap in our tasting room for pints and growler fills all season long, plus it will be on tap at some of our tap accounts all season long.

Lynch may be retired now, but his legacy with the Hawks lives on with Cease & Desist IPA.  So grab a growler or two and head up to Foggy Noggin Brewing this Saturday to pick up some for Sunday’s game.

Drink responsibly and stay safe out there.

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