Rat City Rollergirls IPA Is Coming From Burdick Brewery


A Couple Of Full Growlers At Burdick Brewery

A Couple Of Full Growlers At Burdick Brewery

Lots of businesses hit a few bumps on the road from time to time.  That’s to be expected, but what matters most is how you react to those bumps.  Will you let them throw you off course, or will you grip the wheel even tighter to keep thing moving steadily forward?

Since first opening in November of 2013, Burdick Brewery has certainly hit their share of bumps on the road.  Less than a year after opening they closed their doors for an expansion, but then ran into some financial trouble and had to put a few plans on hold.  They came roaring back in May of 2015, however, open 7 days a week and working to get their beers on tap at a few local bars and restaurants.

Then the next bump.  The city of Seattle required that Burdick make significant upgrades to their existing taproom if they wanted to keep it open (bathroom upgrades, additional exits, etc.).  The cost of these upgrades was cost prohibitive, so Burdick made the decision to close their taproom for good and just become a production brewery.  It’s actually worked out well for them.  You’ll find Burdick’s beers on tap in several South end bars and restaurants, and their bottled beers are appearing in local bottle shops.

Now, with things running smoothly, Burdick has teamed up with Rat City Rollergirls to bring us a new IPA.  Some of the proceeds from this IPA will go to benefit Rat City Rollergirls’ Youth Programs.

Burdick Brewery's Rat City Rollergirls IPA

Burdick Brewery’s Rat City Rollergirls IPA

Here is some more information about this beer from Burdick Brewery:

Max here from Burdick Brewery.  We are excited to share a new collaboration beer with you.  We have been perfecting a beer with our friends from Rat City Rollergirls.  We made an IPA and we want to share it with you.

Friday August 5th, you will have the ability to try this on draft and purchase 22oz bottles.  We are running this collaboration with Rat City for two years.  A portion of the proceeds from all sales are going towards Rat City Rollergirls youth programs.

We made a darn tasty IPA using Mosaic, Citra and Columbus hops.  It may be our tastiest IPA to date.

Bottle Launch info:
Date: 8/5/2016
Time: 5pm-10pm
Where: Burdick Brewery Tasting Room (8103 8th ave s. Seattle, WA 98108)

Hope to see you here.

As noted above, Rat City Rollergirls IPA will arrive next Friday, August 5th at Burdick’s tasting room in Seattle’s South Park neighborhood.  It should also start appearing in local area bottle shops shortly thereafter.  So keep an eye out and pick up some of this “darn tasty IPA.”

Drink responsibly and stay safe out there.

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