Beardslee Public House Releases Cherry Sour Ale


Last October, I took you inside Beardslee Public House (part of the John Howie Restaurant Group) for a closer look at Bothell’s newest gastropub.  It was an impressive evening of pairings, showing off some of Beardslee’s inspired in-house menu creations and brewed in house beers.

Between Howie’s track record (John Howie Steak Restaurant(Bellevue), Seastar Restaurant and Raw Bar (Bellevue), Wildwood Spirits Co. (Bothell) andSPORT Restaurant and Bar (Seattle)) and brewmaster Drew Cluley’s more than 20 years of professional brewing experience, Beardslee puts out an impressive array of food and craft beer options.

Now, Beardslee is ready to release their latest craft beer creation from Drew Cluley and assistant brewer Paige Zahnle: Cherry Sour Ale, brewed with fresh, organic Washington Bing cherries.

Cherry Sour Ale

Cherry Sour Ale

Here is a bit more information about this beer from Beardslee Public House:

This special seven barrel batch was made from 280 pounds of hand-crushed organic Washington Bing Cherries from Olmsted Orchards – which equates to 1.3 pounds of cherries per gallon of beer. The cherries soured in the kettle for two days (to a low PH of 3.5 prior to boiling) and the beer was aged on the cherries for 11 days.

This fruity pink elixir –  made by head brewer, Drew Cluley, and assistant brewer, Paige Zahnle – is deliciously light and crisp, very lightly hopped and a refreshing summer thirst quencher [IBU ~14; Alc/Vol. 5.2%].

I’m a big fan of Sour Ales, especially on a warm Summer afternoon, and Beardslee’s Sour Cherry Ale sounds quite delicious.  That’s an amazing amount of cherries to put into a beer, which should help the sour cherry flavor come through beautifully.  I may just have to get myself up to Bothell soon to have a glass or two.

Drink responsibly and stay safe out there.

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