Lowercase Brewery Expansion And New Taproom Update


It’s been a few months since Lower Case Brewing Company announced the closing of their taproom in South Park.  The last hurrah was on April 30th, and that was followed by a ‘kill the keg’ party on May 1st.  At that time, Lowercase was optimistic that they’d be able to open their new taproom location in Georgetown by early Summer.

The bad news is that, primary due to unfortunate delays with required construction permits, an early Summer launch isn’t going to happen.  The good news, however, is that they now finally have all the permits they need to proceed with construction, so their new target is to have the new taproom open before the end of this Summer.

Lowercase Brewing's New Georgetown Taproom Location

Lowercase Brewing’s New Georgetown Taproom Location

Here are some more details about the new taproom from Lowercase Brewing Company:

We know what you’re thinking:

“July is half way over and your new Georgetown taproom is still not open. What gives!?!”

In typical construction fashion, the permitting process took a little longer then we expected. Naturally, the construction was delayed, as well as our opening date.

Have no fear, construction is now underway and we’re hoping to have the new place functional by late summer!

In the meantime, go take a peek at the location:

6235 Airport Way South
Seattle, WA 98108

Keep your fingers crossed and stay tuned via social media for updates and an opening date!


Lowercase Brewing's New 15 Barrel Brewing System

Lowercase Brewing’s New 15 Barrel Brewing System

During the taproom move, Lowercase has also been working on an upgrade to their brewing system.  They have doubled their brewing capacity and increased their fermentation capacity considerably.

Here are the brewery expansion details from Lowercase Brewing Company:

We’re finished with the brewery expansion and have fired up the new equipment!

We are now brewing twice as much beer (15 barrel batches) and fermenting 74 barrels at a time (quadrupling the amount).

In addition to the new brewing equipment, we’ve added a new boiler, milling system, and cold storage!

We’re excited to bring you more of the beer you love!

New Fermenters

New Fermenters

Since I work part time in the Georgetown neighborhood, I pass by Lowercase’s new taproom location at least a few times a week.  So I’ll keep an eye out and my ears open and keep you updated when Lowercase announces their grand opening date.

Drink responsibly and stay safe out there.

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