Luponic Distortion Revolution 002 Has Arrived From Firestone Walker


The craft beer World has gone hop crazy.  That’s a very good thing for the hopheads among us, as the variety and creativity in IPAs shows no signs of slowing down.  Firestone Walker Brewing Company (who already makes one of my all time favorite (double) IPAs: Double Jack), is pushing the experimental boundaries of these delightfully hoppy beers with their Luponic Distortion series.

The Luponic Distortion series is not just one beer but rather an ongoing, rotating, evolving project to release a new IPA in the series approximately every 90 days.  Each new release in the series will use the same base malt bill, but will use different, new, experimental hops.  The first beer in the series (No. 001) arrived in early May of this year.  Well, it’s been about 90 days since then so, now here comes Luponic Distortion Revolution 002.

Luponic Distortion Revolution 002

Luponic Distortion Revolution 002

Here are some more details about this beer from Firestone Walker Brewing Company:

Paso Robles, CA—The next revolution has arrived, pushing a new experimental hop to the forefront while marking the second release in Firestone Walker Brewing Company’s Luponic Distortion revolving hop series.

As with the inaugural Luponic Distortion Revolution 001 released in the spring, Revolution 002 is loaded with an eclectic multitude of hops—but the hops have been remixed to deliver new twists of aroma and flavor. Revolution 002 hits the ground this month while the last of Revolution 001 rides off into the sunset.

Luponic Distortion is not a single beer, but rather an ongoing series of beers that evolves and revolves approximately every 90 days. It is built around experimental hops, designed to showcase the possibilities of pure hop aromas and flavors without any assist from adjuncts. While the base beer always remains the same, each revolution features a different hop blend.

Luponic 002 Lowdown

The lead hop this time is a new cultivar from an experimental plot in the Pacific Northwest. “It has these vivid peachy flavors with tropical notes reminiscent of papaya,” Brynildson said.

Hops from New Zealand and Germany are also in the mix. Of the seven hops in the blend, only two are carryovers from Revolution 001—and three are hops never used by Firestone Walker before.

“This beer truly touches every corner of the hop growing world,” Brynildson said. “The southern hemisphere hops add these bright Sauvignon Blanc-like accents of grapefruit and gooseberry, and there’s this new variety out of Europe that ties everything together with honeydew aromas and an underlying herbal pine quality.”

Yet for all of the hop remixing, there is a core common thread that extends from Revolution 001 through Revolution 002. “If you compare them side by side, it’s not like tasting a totally different beer, but rather an evolution of the same beer,” Brynildson said.

I tried my first bottle just the other day and was not disappointed.  I definitely got the tropical/papaya notes as described above.  Luponic Distortion Revolution 002 is available now in bottles or cans at Seattle area bottle shops and should be appearing at select places on tap as well.  Pick some up today.

Drink responsibly and stay safe out there.

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