Burdick Brewing Is Having An Equipment Sale


Last year, Burdick Breiwng Company in Seattle’s South Park neighborhood closed the doors to their taproom.  They’re still in the same location and are still brewing beer, but the city wanted them to make some upgrades to the taproom that were cost prohibitive, so Burdick decided instead to focus on bottling their beers and getting them on more taps around the city.

Now, Burdick is ready to unload some of the equipment they no longer need, since the taproom is no longer open.  So, they are holding a sale this coming Saturday the 11th, where you’ll be able to pick up some great surplus items.

Here is the full list of items Burdick Brewing will have available for sale:

  • White board on wheels (double sided)
  • 8 gallon bourbon barrels
  • 55 gallon bourbon barrels
  • Book shelf
  • Bar stools
  • Living room chairs
  • Tables
  • Benches
  • 16 oz bar glasses
  • 20 oz bar glasses
  • Restaurant knives, forks and spoons
  • Misc. kitchen equipment
  • Lamps
  • Restaurant food racks
  • Misc. homebrewing supplies (burners, hoses, clamps)
  • Wooden milk crates
  • Other misc. items

There are some great items listed there and most of it is in excellent condition.  During the sale, Burdick will be pouring beer on tap, filling growlers and will have bottles available for sale.  They’ll even have a food truck on hand (to be announced), so you come out and make an afternoon of it.  Doors will open at 1 pm and the event will last until 5 pm.

Beers on Tap:

  • Pale
  • Whiskey Red
  • Burdick IPA
  • Rat City Rollergirl Collaboration IPA
  • Session IPA
  • Dry hopped Farmhouse

22oz Bottles To Go:

  • IPA – 5$
  • Pale 5$
  • RCRG IPA – $6
  • Session IPA- $4

Drink responsibly and stay safe out there.

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