Tribute Porter Arrives Tomorrow From Black Raven


Are you familiar with the traditional English Porter, Samuel Smith Taddy Porter?  It’s a classic example of the style and is even listed as one of the commercial examples for the style in the 2015 BJCP Style Guidelines (Style 13C. English Porter).

Now, through a special arrangement with Samuel Smith, three Washington breweries have been allowed to brew tribute versions of Samuel Smith’s beers for Seattle Beer Week 2016.  Black Raven Brewing Company (CBM Sponsor) has elected to brew a tribute to Taddy Porter.  I think Porters are an under appreciated style since so many people seem to favor Stouts.  I certainly enjoy a good stout myself but also seek out the occasional porter, so I’m curious to give this one a try.

Here is some more information about this special release from Black Raven Brewing Company:


Brewed with permission from the folks at Samuel Smith. This beer is part of a special arrangement between Samuel Smith Brewery and three Washington breweries to each brew a tribute beer for Seattle Beer Week.

Our tribute is to the classic Samuel Smith Taddy Porter. Brewed with traditional English malts and hopped with a modern classic American varietal, cascade.

Taproom draft and growler fills.

4.9% ABV

Black Raven’s Tribute to Taddy Porter will be available starting tomorrow, May 18th.  As noted above, it will only be available at the Black Raven taproom (the Raven’s Nest) on tap and for growler fills.  So plan a trip out to Redmond tomorrow to have a pint and perhaps take a growler to go.

Drink responsibly and stay safe out there.

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