Full Throttle Bottles Sold – Taps To Be Added



We’re fortunate in the Seattle area to have lots of great craft bottle shops around where we can find our favorite craft beers and ciders, and discover new ones from breweries and cideries both near and far.  One such bottle shop is Full Throttle Bottles.*

Nestled in the heart of Seattle’s Georgetown neighborhood, Full Throttle is a specialty beer and wine (and cider and mead) store that manages to carry an impressive selection of craft beers, craft ciders, wines and meads for you to choose from, despite its somewhat small size.

For the past several years Full Throttle has been owned and operated by Erika Tedin, one of the original “Beer Broads” and founder of the Women In Beer event, which takes place every year at Pike Brewing during Seattle Beer Week.  It was Erika’s dream to own a specialty beer store and she did just that, quite successfully, for several years.

One thing Full Throttle never did have, however, is taps.  That will change when Full Throttle Bottles’ new owner, Jonathan Olken, takes the reigns.  Former Senior Buyer for Downtown Spirits, Jonathan is ready to transform Full Throttle Bottles into a combination bottle shop and craft beer bar.  The Full Throttle name will remain and Jonathan shared with me just the other night that he plans to call the bar section the “Clutch Bar” (in keeping with the ‘Full Throttle’ theme).

The sale will be effective as of one week from today, May 23rd, and then the transition will begin.  The announcement was made earlier today via email to Full Throttle Bottles’ loyal customers, which is why I’m now able to share these details with you.

Here are the full details that went out earlier today:

Dear (I totally want to put in Prudence),

It is with great sadness yet excitement, that I want to let everyone know that I have sold Full Throttle Bottles. I am sad because I will miss each and every one of you, miss being an active part of the Georgetown community & resurrection, miss being a small beer store business owner. But I am proud of what I have created and excited to let you know that new, young, fresh blood will be infusing the store with not just new ideas and energy, but literally bringing even more beer to you! (I’m hoping for some tasty randall infusions!)

As you all know, it was my dream to own a specialty beer store. I couldn’t sell to just anyone, so I was very careful about the purchaser. I can tell you that the buyer Jon Olken will be continuing my passion of bringing a fabulous selection of great bottles to one & all AND he will take it another step & put in taps for your on premise drinking enjoyment. He will cultivate his selection & list with great refinement and has the contacts in the industry to make sure nothing but the best is served. He has experience with both beer & wine, so expect him to present some of his favorites, and be sure to let him know yours so he always keeps your fave bottle on the shelves!

The name and location will remain the same and I will be helping Jon as he learns the ropes and molds the store into his dream! The official signing date for Jon will be next Monday. So yes, one week from today. Come down to the shop this week to hello/goodbye or just Mahalo, “until we meet again” as we say in my home state. Jon has some amazing ideas and plans for the shop, I can’t wait to see what he can do with what I have built and created. I hope you will continue to support him just as I will. I have great confidence in his ability to succeed.

As for  me, you can’t get rid of me that easily! For those of you who just can’t get enough of me (& my fun writing style folks say) you are welcome to email me at eclctedin@… to be included in a future and different email list. Or you can friend me on Facebook (Rika Tudeen – https://www.facebook.com/rika.tuhdeen) and follow my exploits & adventures as I transition to the next phase & challenge coming my way. For those of you already on FB, it’s pretty much going to be exactly the same as I share my love of booze, food, Georgetown, movies, and of course, Star Wars! And now that I may have time, it would be great to meet for a beer sometime, so send me an email! Though I warn you, I will be hard to pin down for a few weeks as SIFF (Seattle International Film Festival) starts Thursday & I’ll be at the movies.

As one of the original “Beer Broads”and founder of the Women in Beer event that has become an annual presentation by Pike Brewing during Seattle Beer Week, I am happy to say I will be there tonight for a final swan song as the owner of Full Throttle Bottles. I hope you already have your tickets and I hope to see you there.

Without further ado,
Cheers & Mahalo, Until we meet again,

I should learn more about what changes are coming and the timeline for adding taps in the coming weeks.  I will share that information with you when it becomes available.  Until then, drop by Full Throttle to say hello/goodbye and watch for the coming changes.

Drink responsibly and stay safe out there.

*Full Disclosure: I am a current Full Throttle Bottles employee.  I accepted the position before learning about the sale, but am excited to be a part of the coming changes.

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