Foggy Noggin Expands Taproom Hours


Due to both their location in a residential neighborhood and their small size, Foggy Noggin Brewing Company has always had somewhat limited taproom hours.  With the warm weather returning, however, Foggy Noggin’s Jim Jamison wanted to change that.  So, a few weeks back, he put a poll out on social media sites, asking which additional day (Friday or Sunday) his customers would prefer for the added hours.

Well, the results of that poll are in and Foggy Noggin Brewing is pleased to announce that, starting this Friday, May 6th, they will now be open on Fridays from 3- 7 pm (in addition to their regular hours of noon – 5 pm on Saturdays).

Here is the full press release from Foggy Noggin Brewing Company:

We heard the FogNoggers loud and clear – they want more days to get their Fn beer at our tasting room.  Starting Friday May 6th, we will be open both Friday’s (3-7pm) and Saturday’s(noon-5pm).
Now you get 2 days each week to Get Your Fn Beer! That is 2X the Fn beer for everyone!
May 2016 Tasting Room Schedule

The Foggy Noggin Brewing tasting room will be open all of the Friday’s (3-7pm) and  Saturday’s (noon-5pm) in May. This makes 8 days this month you can stop in for a pint and take home some Fn beer.  The happiest hour of the week is Saturday (noon-1pm) in the tasting room, where you get $1 off all pints. For the most up-to-date tasting room schedule – follow us on Facebook (Foggy Noggin Brewing), Twitter (@fognog) and Instagram (@fognog).

Now you have twice as many days each month to visit Foggy Noggin brewing.  So this Friday, when the I5 backup due to the Highway 99 closure has you stuck up north, don’t fight it.  Drop by Foggy Noggin Brewing and relax with a classic English style Ale as you wait for the traffic to die down.

Drink responsibly and stay safe out there.

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