Little Juice IPA – Smoothie Edition Bottle Release From Three Magnets Brewing


There’s no denying that IPA is the most popular style of craft beer out there.  While most beer lovers I know enjoy a wide variety of styles, the IPA is still king for many.  There’s just something about the right combination of malt and the right hops in a good IPA that can be quite satisfying with a good meal or all on its own.

Even with the incredible number of different IPAs out there though, many of them still manage to set themselves apart, particularly to those with more discerning palates.  Piney, citrusy, dank, earthy, floral and herbal, along with fruit notes of all varieties and other undertones, are just a few of the many adjectives one might use to describe the dizzying array of aromas and flavors found in a well made IPA.  Over time, some IPA lovers get to know the flavors of their favorite IPAs so well they an even pick them out blind.

Along with aroma and flavor, look and mouth feel are two other aspects that also help determine how you experience a beer.  Most IPAs out there strive to be clear and, for the most part, crisp on the palate.  Some, on the other hand, are a bit cloudier and/or have a somewhat ‘thicker’ mouth feel.  With their Little Juice IPA – Smoothie Edition, Three Magnets Brewing Company down in Olympia has definitely gone the cloudy and thick route in a major way and now, they’re releasing it in bottles during a Traveling Bottle Release, set to take place on Saturday, April 30th.


Here is some more information about this release from Three Magnets Brewing Company:

Three Magnets Brewing Company is holding a traveling exclusive bottle release for Little Juice IPA – Smoothie Edition, with stops in Olympia, Tacoma and Seattle.

Saturday, April 30th


Three Magnets Brewing Company
600 Franklin St SE, STE 105
Olympia, WA 98501

Pint Defiance
2049 Mildred St W
Fircrest, WA 98466

1710 N 45th St, #3
Seattle, WA 98103

About the Beer:
This thick, cloudy version of our Little Juice IPA starts with intense aromas of tropical fruit in the nose, followed by notes of dry citrus flavors that mingle with a touch of soft maltiness on the tongue.

Also available at the bottle releases will be the bottle debut of Greener Pastures Maibock, and Big Dumb Face Double Rye IPA (collaboration with Triceratops brewing company), bottles of Howards Blend: 100% Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout Blend (limit one per customer per location), and a version of our tart, fruited, barrel aged Helsing Junction Farmhouse Ale exclusively released in each location:

  • Three Magnets – Helsing Tempranillo (bottles #1 through #36) – limit one per customer.
  • Pint Defiance – Tart Cherry Helsing (bottles #1 through #36) – limit one per customer.
  • Bottleworks – Tart Red Currant Helsing (bottles #1 through #36) – limit one per customer.

Post Release Availability:
Little Juice IPA – Smoothie Edition, Greener Pastures Maibock, and Big Dumb Face Double Rye IPA will be available the following week at your favorite bottle shops between Portland and Olympia. Extra bottles of the Tart Helsing Junction Farmhouse Ales will be cellared for future events.

About Three Magnets
Three Magnets is a community hub in the heart of Downtown Olympia. Within the space is housed a 15 barrel brewery, Darby’s Cafe (8am-3pm), 3Mag Sammich (11am-4pm), 3Mag Pubhouse (4pm-11pm), and a Barrel Room which hosts some of our barrel aged beer projects, and is available as a gathering or meeting space by reservation.

More Info


Three Magnets Brewing Company

Three Magnets Brewing Company

I was actually down in Olympia myself this past weekend and happened to enjoy  Little Juice IPA – Smoothie Edition on tap at Three Magnets.  It was a tasty IPA with tropical fruit notes and definitely had a thicker mouth feel; very appropriate for the ‘Smoothie’ name.  Pick up some Little Juice IPA – Smoothie Edition or the other Three Magnets beers listed above next Saturday at the times and locations listed.

Drink responsibly and stay safe out there.

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