Sumerian Brewing Prepares For Their 1st Anniversary – UPDATED


Sometimes ‘real life’ can be a pain.  I’m a writer/blogger on the side, but I still have a regular, full-time job and the same day-to-day responsibilities as everyone else.  That means, just like many of you, I don’t have unlimited time (nor an unlimited budget).  This means that, unfortunately, I don’t always make it to all the new Seattle area breweries I’d like to as soon as I’d like to.  Of course, that’s a challenging prospect with so many new breweries opening around here all the time.

One of the new breweries that I haven’t found the time to visit yet is Sumerian Brewing Company up in Woodinville.  I have enjoyed a few of their beers at some events and festivals I’ve attended, but I really need to visit the taproom and get to know more about them and their beers.  With their 1st Anniversary coming up next month, I’ll have to see if I can find the time for a visit.

Food At Sumerian Brewing Company

Food At Sumerian Brewing Company

In preparation for their 1 year anniversary, Sumerian has been working hard.  This January 4th, they started offering a full in-house food menu, with long, warm-braided pretzels, bratwurst (4-different kinds) from the famous Uli’s Meats in Pike Place Market, gourmet mustards, sauerkraut, cream cheese, peppers all wrapped in Macrina Bakery rolls.  Basically, make it your way (see photo above).  No need to go outside and stand in line for the food trucks anymore when you visit.

Sumerian Brewing's First Bottled Beers

Sumerian Brewing’s First Bottled Beers

Beginning today, March 10th, Sumerian will also, for the first time, begin bottling their Lucidity Pilsner, Narcissism (single) IPA and Eruption Double IPA.  Once bottled, you’ll be able to find their beers at Whole Foods, Metropolitan Market, Total Wine, IGA Market and other locations.  

Sumerian is expanding their reach as well.  They currently self-distribute to over 80 different local accounts including Tom Douglas restaurants, Tavern Hall, Space Needle, Cactus Restaurants, and more.  As if all that wasn’t enough for their first year, Sumerian also just added 3 more 30 BBL tanks as they gear up for bottling, and have even more expansion plans in the works.

Part one of Sumerian Brewing’s 1st Anniversary celebration will take place on Friday April 8th from 5 – 9 pm.  They’ll be tapping a special beer for the event and all beers will be $1 off for the day.  They’ll also have food specials, raffle prizes, and a birthday cake.  Raffle prizes will be awarded every hour from 6 – 9 pm with a free raffle ticket just for attending.  Part two of their anniversary celebration will be held sometime this Summer (date and details not announced yet), once they have their beer garden back open.  I’ll fill you in once Sumerian announced the details.

UPDATE – 4/6/2016:

Sumerian Brewing has announced the special Anniversary beers they’ll be taping on the 8th:

Not the final for this beer -> we are test brewing this IPA for our summer party. There is a heavy hit of Simcoe hops in it (which we have never used before). It comes in at a little over 10.5% ABV and has a whopping IBU of 130 plus!
Limited to 2 max +poured in a Tulip

Cask Conditioned Saison:
This beer started as a fun test brew but became much more of a serious contender for our permanent beer lineup (in non-cask form). This beer was made with a Saison yeast, fermented at a higher temp, then placed in a cask with some crushed coriander seeds and orange peel.

Porter aged in Merlot barrel:
This beer was made on our test system before Sumerian was named. Created in June of 2014 designed to be a Brown Ale, we quickly realized it was more like a Porter. Instead of dumping it out we decided to age it for 5 months in a small French oak barrel that had held Merlot just days before. We decided to blow the dust off this keg and revisit it the other day to see if it was worthy….it has only gotten better! Heavy notes of chocolate and coffee beans, skirted with undertones of a rich port.
VERY limited. One tulip per person.
ABV- unknown 5-%

Drink responsibly and stay safe out there.

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