Midnight Still Arrives This Saturday From Holy Mountain Brewing


New breweries open in Seattle at quite a rapid pace.  In fact, there are still several new breweries I have yet to visit, including: Cloudburst Brewing, Optimism Brewing, Lucky Envelope Brewing and more.  With so many ‘new guys’ out there, it can be difficult for a new brewery to really set themselves apart from the crowd.  Every now and then, however, a new local brewery opens that really grabs my attention.  One such brewery, which just celebrated their 1st anniversary, is Holy Mountain Brewing Company in Seattle’s Interbay neighborhood on Elliott Avenue West.

Why have they grabbed my attention?  It’s not because of some flashy ad campaign.  In fact, they barely advertise.  They don’t need to.  So far, word of mouth has been doing the trick and drawing the crowds.  It’s also not because of some fancy, over-the-top taproom.  The taproom at Holy Mountain is actually rather minimalist; mostly white with lots of subway tile.  No, the reason Holy Mountain has caught my (and everyone else’s) attention is for the best reason of all: the beers.

Holy Mountain wanted to go beyond the expected.  They specialize in beers that are barrel fermented and barrel aged, using a wide array of barrels from local distilleries and wineries to lend unique flavors and complexity to their beers.  Sure, they make a Pale Ale and the occasional IPA, but most of the time, many of the styles you’ll find on tap at Holy Mountain include: Belgian Ales, Stouts and an extremely wide range of Farmhouse Ales and Saisons – all barrel fermented and/or barrel aged.

Even though Holy Mountain has only been around for a short time, they’ve already earned a coveted place in my cellar.  Since their opening just over a year ago, I have amassed over a dozen Holy Mountain bottles, and I look forward to each new release with eager anticipation.

Midnight Still Bourbon Barrel Aged Stout

Midnight Still Bourbon Barrel Aged Stout

Coming up this Saturday the 27th is Holy Mountain’s next bottle release: Midnight Still Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout.  I’m a big fan of barrel aged stouts, which take up a good portion of my cellar and, from their description, this one sounds incredible.

I’ll let Holy Mountain give you the details here

When conceptualizing Midnight Still, our goal was to create a 100% Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout that never incorporated “fresh” beer in its blends. The first batch of Midnight Still was brewed in October of 2014 and laid down in Kentucky bourbon barrels where it aged for 15 months. The 2nd batch was brewed in July of 2015, laid down in Kentucky bourbon barrels, and aged for 6 months. This blend of Midnight Still incorporates beer taken from both batches and clocks in at 12.5% abv.

Now that sounds like the type or rich, intense, strong, barrel aged Stout I can really get behind.  Bottles of Midnight Still go on sale at noon on the 27th for $16 + tax (4 bottle limit), and can only be purchased from the alley door entrance on the West side of the building.  The first few bottle releases at Holy Mountain were a bit chaotic, since they were selling bottles at both entrances.  They have alleviated the confusion and frustration this caused some patrons, however, by streamlining the process and having just one bottle purchase line.

Holy Mountain will also have a single keg of Midnight Still on tap in the taproom but I wouldn’t expect that keg to last more more than a few hours.  So, even if you aren’t planning on picking up any bottles of Midnight Still, you might want to get to the taproom when they open at noon to try some on tap.  Don’t worry, the taproom entrance is separate from the bottle line, so you shouldn’t have any problem showing up right around opening time to get to the bar.

Drink responsibly and stay safe out there.

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