The Washington Hop Mob Triple IPA Roadshow Returns


Oh hops, how do I love thee.  Let me count the ways.  Actually, I’d better not. With so many amazing hoppy beers out there, counting them all would take quite a while.  For the moment, I only want to worry about a particular set of hoppy beers that are back and ready to hit the road.  Returning for its third year and kicking off this week is the Washington Hop Mob Triple IPA Roadshow.

I first told you about this event last month and now I wanted to update you with the full details.  Set to make its first stop this Thursday the 4th at Brouwer’s Cafe, the Hop Mob Roadshow will also hit several other locations around the Sound, bringing you the biggest, boldest, strongest and, of course, hoppiest beers around.

Originally inspired by the rather ridiculous amount of hype attributed to a particular Triple IPA from a well known Northern California brewery, the Hop Mob set out to prove that Washington Brewers can make triple IPAs just as well (and in my opinion even better) than just about anyone else.

So far, there are 9 events scheduled for this year’s Roadshow, including the kickoff I mentioned above at Brouwer’s, which starts at 3 PM on the 4th.  You’ll find the largest available selection of Hop Mob beers on tap for this event, and they’ll be available in 6 oz or 12 oz pours.  Tread carefully with those 12 ouncers!  Most of the beers in the Roadshow hover around 9 to 12 percent ABV.  Brouwer’s is located at 400 N 35th Street in Seattle.

Here are the other stops scheduled for this year’s Washington Hop Mob Triple IPA Roadshow:

  • Saturday, Febuary 6th:

Flatstick Pub
15 Lake Street
Kirkland, WA
Noon – Close

There will be at least 12 Hop Mob beers at this event, available in tasters or full pours.

  • Monday, Febuary 8th:

The Red Hot
2914 6th Avenue
Tacoma, WA
All day (open at 11 am)

The Hop Mob beers available at this event will include: Cloudburst, Bale Breaker, Airways, Rainy Daze, Stoup, Fremont, Tacoma Brewing, and Wingman in 6 oz pours.  More beers may be added. Also, it’s Red Hot Hoppy Hour on Monday from 3-7 pm, with half-a-buck off all IPAs.

  • Tuesday, February 9th

Mollusk Restaurant + Brewery
803 Dexter Avenue N
Seattle, WA
4:30 – 9PM

Chef Travis Kukull is whipping up a special menu for this Roadshow event, with dishes designed to pair well with the at least 8 Hop Mob IPAs they’ll have available on tap, including Mollusk’s own Triple IPA.

  • Wednesday, February 10th

The Bergschrund (NW Peaks Brewery)
4818 17th Avenue NW
Seattle, WA
4 pm – close

Details from the Hop Mob Website:

It’s a “Ballard versus WA competition!” [We all know that 8 or ten beers doesn’t make for a great scientific competition but we’re just trying to make it fun; as if copious amounts of 11% beer isn’t fun enough; I digress]. Kegs tapped at 4:00 (as noted). We’ll have either 8 or 10 Hop Mob IPAs available. Half of them will be from Ballard breweries and half from other areas in the state. Punch cards will be available for 4, 6, or 8 tastes (3.5 oz each). Full 9 oz pours will also be available for purchase.

Competition: We’ll give out 2 tasting glasses and 2 tastes (from the punch card) simultaneously. Everyone is suggested to participate in voting, but it’s not required. To vote, choose 1 ballard Hop Mob IPA and 1 non-ballard Hop Mob IPA for round 1. Between those 2 IPAs, choose a winner. Repeat for round 2, 3, and 4. We’ll tally up the votes throughout the night.

Keep an eye on for more details.

  • Thursday, February 11th

Beveridge Place Pub
6413 California Avenue SW
Seattle, WA
2 pm – close

A large selection of Hop Mob beers will be available at this event in full pours or in 4oz taster flights.  The event runs all day but “brewer’s night” festivities begin at 7 PM.

  • Thursday, February 11th

Collective On Tap
17802 134th Avenue NE #6
Woodinville, WA
5 pm – close

For those of you in the North end who might not be able to make it to Beveridge Place on this day, you’ll find at least 8 Hop Mob beers at this event, available in ‘sample size’ or full pours.

  • Friday, February 12th thru Sunday, February 14th

Der Hinterhof
321 9th Street
Leavenworth, WA
All day

About 10 Hop Mob beers will be at this event, available in 5.5 oz tasters.  I believe this is the first time the Roadshow has made its way out to Leavenworth.

  • Saturday, February 13th

Naked City Brewery And Taphouse
8564 Greenwood Avenue N
Seattle, WA
11:30 am – close

Naked City will have 12 Hop Mob beers on tap for this event, which concludes the roadshow (not counting the event at Der Hinterhof, which continues to the 14th).  You can order in flights of three 5 oz pours starting at 11:30 am and going until the taps run dry. Naked City will also have their own, new Triple IPA, Phineas Gage, available in schooners.


So there you have it – every stop scheduled for this year’s Washington Hop Mob Triple IPA Roadshow, but who are these Hop Mob guys?  The Hop Mob is the collection of more that 40 different Washington breweries that have brewed up Triple IPAs for these events.


Here is the full list of breweries you’ll find on this year’s Roadshow:

  • 5 Rights Brewing
  • 7 Seas Brewing
  • Airways Brewing
  • Aslan Brewing
  • Bainbridge Brewing
  • Bale Breaker Brewing
  • Beardslee Public House
  • Big Time Brewing
  • Black Raven Brewing
  • Cloudburst Brewing
  • Diamond Knot Brewing
  • Dirty Bucket Brewing
  • Doghaus Brewery
  • Elysian Brewing
  • Foggy Noggin Brewing
  • Fremont Brewing
  • Geaux Brewing
  • Georgetown Brewing
  • Hale’s Ales Brewery
  • Kulshan Brewing
  • Lazy Boy Brewing
  • Maritime Pacific Brewing
  • Mollusk Brewery
  • Naked City Brewery
  • NW Peaks Brewing
  • Populux Brewing
  • Postdoc Brewing
  • Rainy Daze Brewing
  • RAM Restaurant and Brewery
  • Reuben’s Brews
  • Silver City Brewery
  • Skookum Brewing
  • Slaughter County Brewing
  • Snipes Mountain Brewing
  • Snoqualmie Falls Brewing
  • Sound Brewery
  • Standard Brewing
  • Stoup Brewing
  • Strong Arm Brewing
  • Tacoma Brewing
  • Valholl Brewing
  • Wander Brewing
  • Wingman Brewers

Details aren’t available yet from every brewery regarding the name and strength of their Triple IPA offering, but you can check ‘The Beers‘ page on the Hop Mob website for the details they do have available for many of the beers.  Attend as many events as you like or your liver can handle, and prepare for an onslaught of hops, hops and more hops.  I’ll see you at the kickoff event at Brouwer’s this Thursday – and possibly at the Beveridge Place Pub event next Thursday the 11th.

Drink responsibly and stay safe out there.

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