Black Raven Cask Nights Move To Once A Month


If you’ve been following me on Facebook, then you know that nearly every week I’ve been giving you a heads up about special Cask Alerts from Black Raven Brewing Company (CBM Sponsor).  Each week, Black Raven has been featuring a different beer on Cask with special additions.

Last weeks’ Cask, for example, was ‘Citrus-thingy with Simcoe hops and conditioned with Tasmanian pepper berries, grains of paradise and Indian coriander’.  The week before that it was ‘Second Sight Scotch Ale with Cedar and Sage’.

Starting next Wednesday February 3rd, however, Black Raven Brewing has decided that they’re going to dial things back a bit and put on just one special Cask each month instead of doing one ever week.

According to Black Raven Brewing Company:

Cask Wednesday is now moving to a monthly event rather than a weekly event. Starting on Wednesday, February 3rd we will be tapping a cask monthly (first Wednesday each month).

Thanks for understanding and don’t worry, you can still find delicious beer here everyday, cask or no cask.

Kitty Kat Blues - Brewed With Blueberries, Vanilla & Catnip

Black Raven’s Kitty Kat Blues – Brewed With Blueberries, Vanilla & Catnip

I must concur with that last statement above.  Cask or no Cask, you can always find some pretty good beers on tap at Black Raven.  Just last week, my wife and I dropped by and had plenty of delicious beers including: Second Sight Scotch Ale (my 2nd favorite locally brewed Scotch Ale), Kitty Kat Blues (a delicious blueberry ale brewed with blueberries, vanilla and catnip – which, incidentally, I’d love to see on nitro more often) and Raven de Garde (a Belgian Biere de Garde (Strong Belgian style Pale Ale)), which I told you about back in December.

So, don’t worry.  The Casks will still flow at Black Raven.  They’ll just be a bit less frequent, and you’ll still find plenty of delicious beers on tap to enjoy no matter when you visit.  Black Raven will also be at Belgian Fest coming up this weekend at Seattle Center.

Drink responsibly and stay safe out there.

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