Barrel Junction Kicks Off This Saturday At The Beer Junction


How can anyone limit themselves to just a single style of beer?  Sure, I’m a serious hophead at heart, but I never limit myself to just IPA’s.  I’m a fan of all styles but I do have to admit that, especially in the cold of winter, I’m a huge fan of barrel aged beers.

There’s just something special that happens to a beer when it’s aged in Bourbon, Whiskey, Tequila, Brandy, Wine or other barrels.  They impart complex flavors, new characteristics, perhaps a slight boost in ABV, etc.  That’s why I’m glad that the 4th Annual Barrel Junction at The Beer Junction in West Seattle is almost here.

Now, when most people think of barrel aged beers, they limit their scope of thought to Stouts and Porters.  Of course Stouts and Porters comprise a good portion of the barrel aged beers out there, but there are also many other barrel aged beers that go far beyond just the dark stuff.  I’ve had barrel aged Pale Ales and IPAs, Brown ales, Scotch ales and even Sours that have been barrel aged.  You’ll find a bit of everything at Barrel Junction, including a few barrel aged ciders if beer just isn’t your thing.

Here is the opening lineup for Barrel Junction from The Beer Junction:

  • Black Raven – Gunpowder (2015)
  • Boulevard – Rye on Rye
  • De Molen – Cease & Desist BA
  • Deschutes – Black Butte 24 (2012)
  • Deschutes – Black Butte 25 (2013)
  • Deschutes – Black Butte 26 (2014)
  • Deschutes – Black Butte 27 (2015)
  • Engine House #9 – Dark Passenger Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout (2013) 
  • Epic – Big Bad Baptist (2015)
  • Firestone – Double DBA (2014)
  • Fort George – Whiskey Sands Barrel Aged Stout (2014)
  • Full Sail – Bourbon Stout (2015)
  • Goose Island – Bourbon County Barleywine (2015)
  • Goose Island – Bourbon County Coffee (2015)
  • Holy Mountain – Barrel Aged Kings Head (2015)
  • JW Lees – Calvados
  • Lompoc – Dark Side Porter (2014)
  • Lost Abbey – Deliverance (2013)
  • Maritime – Barrel Aged Jolly Roger
  • North Sound – Creepy Monkey (2014)
  • Odin – Whiskey Aged Russian Imperial Stout (2015)
  • Pike – Wood Aged Kilt Lifter Scotch Ale
  • Rodenbach – Caractere Rouge Sour
  • Rodenbach – Foederbier Sour
  • Rodenbach – Grand Cru Sour
  • Rodenbach – Vintage Sour
  • Schilling – Barrel Project #1 Cider (2015)
  • Schooner Exact – Bourbon Barrel Porter(2014)
  • Silver City – Fat Woody Barrel Aged Scotch Ale
  • Skagit Brewing – Whiskey Aged Trumpeter Stout
  • Snipes Mountain – Bourbon Bandolero (2014)
  • TO 0L – By Udder Means Barrel Aged in Muscatel Barrels
  • Two Beers – Fall Line (2015)
  • Widmer – BRRRBON (2013)

(Visit The Beer Junction’s website for the current/live list.)


If you don’t see a barrel aged beer you were hoping to find on this list, don’t despair.  This is just the opening list.  Barrel Junction starts this coming Saturday, January 16th, but it keeps on going all the way through Sunday, January 24th (and perhaps even a bit longer).  As each keg blows, The Beer Junction will put another barrel aged beer on.  So get in there and help drain those kegs, so we can see what’s next to be tapped.  I’ll be dropping by this Saturday and, I’m sure, a few times throughout the week.  Perhaps I’ll see you there.

Drink responsibly and stay safe out there.

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