Equinox Pale Arrives This Weekend From Top Rung Brewing


There are still some South Sound breweries I haven’t had the chance to visit yet.  With so many craft beer events, new releases, beer pairing dinners and more happening right in and near Seattle, I sometimes overlook the more outlying breweries for too long.  One such brewery that I have yet to visit is Top Rung Brewing out of Lacey, Washington.

When the crew at Top Rung isn’t busy brewing or minding the taproom, they are full-time firefighters (IAFF L3825) in the Olympia area.  According to their website: “Our friendship and love of brewing culminated into this dream turned reality of opening a craft brewery. This couldn’t have become a reality without the support of our investor group and the support from our families.

This coming Saturday, January 30th, Top Rung is ready to release Equinox Pale Ale.  This is the 5th release from their Pale Series since early 2015 and is said to have citrus, tropical fruit, floral and herbal characteristics.

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Black Raven Cask Nights Move To Once A Month


If you’ve been following me on Facebook, then you know that nearly every week I’ve been giving you a heads up about special Cask Alerts from Black Raven Brewing Company (CBM Sponsor).  Each week, Black Raven has been featuring a different beer on Cask with special additions.

Last weeks’ Cask, for example, was ‘Citrus-thingy with Simcoe hops and conditioned with Tasmanian pepper berries, grains of paradise and Indian coriander’.  The week before that it was ‘Second Sight Scotch Ale with Cedar and Sage’.

Starting next Wednesday February 3rd, however, Black Raven Brewing has decided that they’re going to dial things back a bit and put on just one special Cask each month instead of doing one ever week.

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Three Great Mardi Gras Options Around The Sound – UPDATED


Fat Tuesday is a little under two weeks away and, though we may not be in New Orleans, that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate Mardi Gras with the best of ’em.  Want to get in on the action, but aren’t sure where to go?  Here are a few options for where you can celebrate Mardi Gras in Seattle on Fat Tuesday, which is Tuesday, February 9th.

Please note, this is not a comprehensive list of all Mardi Gras events around Seattle.  It’s just a few select events from a few local craft beer spots in and around Seattle.

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The National Cider Conference Comes To Portland Next Week


I’m a beer guy.  I’ve always been a beer guy.  Sure, I enjoy the occasional glass of wine and I love a good Bourbon, Whiskey or Tequila, but my first love when it comes to adult beverages has been, and I think always will be, a great craft beer.  Now, that doesn’t mean I don’t still make an effort to broaden my horizons, and the incredible rise in popularity of craft cider (see the press release below) is making that much easier.

I’ve got to give much of the credit for my increased interest in cider to both Seattle Cider Company and The Beer Junction in West Seattle.  Both are places I usually visit when I’m in the mood for a beer but, since they both have a great selection of ciders on tap as well, I often find myself switching things up a bit and ordering a cider instead of a beer.

I also haven’t been to many cider festivals or conventions yet, and unfortunately I don’t think I’ll be able to make this one either but perhaps you can.  Coming up next week, starting February 2nd and running through February 6th is CiderCON 2016, presented by the Northwest Cider Association.

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Bread And Circuses Gets Gourmet At Two Beers Brewing Company / Seattle Cider Company


Roach Coach.  When I was growing up, any sort of mobile food truck you’d see around (usually at places like constructions sites, day-laborer gathering spots or run-down, industrial business parks) had this unfortunate moniker, no matter the actual name of the truck.  In fact, most food trucks back in those days didn’t have any type of name or brand. Most of the food those early trucks carried was also either pre-made and pre-packaged or, if it was made in the truck, it was pretty sub-standard cuisine.  It wasn’t the type of food you’d go out of your way to find by any means.

That’s all changed.  Food trucks today are not the ‘roach coaches’ of old.  Following health department regulations as strict as ‘brick and mortar’ restaurants (and in Washington, requiring an actual brick and mortar kitchen for most food preparation), today’s food trucks offer a diverse and delectable take on many different types of cuisine.  In Seattle, competition is fierce, so anything a food truck operator can do to set themselves apart from their competition in an appealing way is a big plus.

In 2015, when Two Beers Brewing Company (CBM Sponsor) and Seattle Cider Company decided to expand their taproom, The Woods, yet again, they were looking for a local food truck company to partner with.  They found that partner in Bread and Circuses, a local food truck that was enticed by the idea of such a partnership.   Together, Two Beers & Seattle Cider could offer food from Bread and Circuses inside The Woods taproom, without having to actually operate the kitchen themselves.  The result is an inviting combination of great craft beer, great local cider and great food, all in a comfortable, casual atmosphere and all under one roof.

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Sam Adams Nitro Beers Launch Nationwide


There’s just something about a beer served on Nitrogen.  Nitro beers create that silky smooth texture and creamy head often associated with Guinness, and can even alter your perception of a beer, subtly changing the flavor and mouth feel.

Stouts and Porters are the two styles most often associated with Nitrogen beers, but other styles can work well on Nitrogen too.  The Boston Beer Company agrees and has been experimenting with different nitrogen infused beers for the Samuel Adams Nitro Project.  Now, after three years of experimentation, they’re ready to bring those beers to you.

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The Naked Sessions Acoustic Concert Series Returns To Naked City


Naked City Brewery & Taphouse in Greenwood and Band in Seattle are pleased to announce the return of the Naked Sessions acoustic concert series to Naked City, with a great lineup featuring: Peter Case, Star Anna and Jason Dodson, and Simon Kornelis.

There is one show each month, starting with Peter Case this coming Saturday, followed by Star Anna and Jason Dodson on February 27th, and Simon Kornelis on March 26th.

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Holy Mountain Brewing Celebrates Their 1st Anniversary This Weekend – UPDATED



New craft breweries are popping up at an amazing rate these days.  I’m sure you’ve heard the news that, as of December 2015, there are now more operating breweries in the U.S. than at any other time in U.S. history (4,144).  That’s an impressive statistic and it means that we craft beer lovers have more choice in what we drink than ever before.

With so many new breweries around, what can a brewery do to really stand out?  That hasn’t been a problem for Holy Mountain Brewing.  Specializing in seasonal releases, including barrel-fermented beers, they have created a brewery that prominently features several different unique, barrel-aged beers, with no particular ‘Flagship’ beer in mind.  In the short time they’ve been around they’ve become extremely popular, and I’ve amassed a pretty good selection of Holy Mountain beers in my cellar.

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Birdserker Triple IPA Returns From Black Raven Brewing

unnamed (4)

Just yesterday, I told you about the Washington Hop Mob Triple IPA Roadshow (among other events happening between now and Spring).  At the Hop Mob Roadshow stops, you’ll have the opportunity to taste several different Triple IPAs from several different local craft breweries.  It will be a treat for your taste buds and a test of your fortitude, since most of these Triple IPAs will be as strong as some Barleywines.

Don’t want to wait until the Hop Mob kickoff event on Thursday, February 4th at Brouwer’s Cafe to taste a Triple IPA?  You’re in luck.  One of those breweries, Black Raven Brewing Company (CBM Sponsor), is set to release their Triple IPA, Birdserker, this coming Saturday, January 23rd.

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Lots Of Great Events To Keep You Busy Till Spring Arrives (UPDATED)



It’s really pouring out there, but I’m not talking about the weather.  It’s raining craft beer events; enough to keep your liver plenty busy between now and the arrival of Spring.  Get you calendar out, because I’m going to tell you about 8 local craft beer festivals and other events coming your way between now and March 20; the first day of Spring, 2016.

Most of these upcoming events are free to attend.  The amount you’ll spend only depends on how many beers and how much food you decide to purchase.  The other two are ticketed events, where you’ll want to get your ticket(s) in advance to make sure you can attend.

(Please note – this is not a comprehensive list of ALL local events happening between now and March 20th.  I’m merely highlighting some of the events I think my readers would be most interested in.)

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