Corvus Frambicus Arrives This Weekend From Black Raven Brewing


I haven’t always been a fan of sour beers.  When I first heard about them, several years ago, the very idea seemed rather odd to me. Why would you want a beer that’s sour, I thought?  Well, that all changed for me about 6 years ago when I decided to attend the annual Sour Fest at Brouwer’s Cafe.  I tried several different sours and became an instant convert.

In the intervening years, Sour Fest has grown to become one of the most popular events each year during Seattle Beer Week, and I look forward to each new sour beer release in the Seattle area (as do many others).  Now, Black Raven Brewing Company (CBM Sponsor) has given me another reason to get excited.  They are bringing back their Corvus Frambicus Sour Ale.

Here is some more information about this beer from Black Raven Brewing Company:

Here it is folks, our raspberry sour with all the soul we could squeeze into it. This pours bright and red with strong raspberry and mature soured notes on the nose. It drinks crisp and dry with a slight ‘raspberry hard candy’ note on the front. This soon gives way to a huge acid content which pushes the edge of comfort on the back of the palate. The finish is surprisingly clean and lingering.
The base was brewed back in 2012 and soured using one of our two house sour strains, “Angelica”, which we grew up from wild bacteria and yeasts native to the Skagit valley. Copious amounts of local, seasonal and farm direct raspberries were harmed year after year in the making of this beer.

ABV: 5.6%

Corvus Frambicus is set to return this coming Saturday, November 7th when Black Raven Brewing opens their doors at noon.  However, it will be a taproom release only.  If you want to get your lips around some of this tart raspberry concoction, then you’ll need to make a trip out to The Raven’s Nest – Black Raven’s brewery and taproom in Redmond.

Drink responsibly and stay safe out there.



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