Naked City Prepares For Their 7th Anniversary


Ahh 2009.  Back in those days, Craft Beer Monger wasn’t even a glint in my eye.  I was still involved with blogging about console gaming; specifically Xbox and Xbox 360.  I still enjoy gaming, but my passion for craft beer took over and I started my first craft beer blog ( back in February of 2011.

Lots of other things were happening in Seattle back in 2009 as well: Obama was inaugurated as President, Michael Jackson passed away, etc.  One big local event in particular, however, was the opening of Naked City Brewery & Taphouse in Seattle’s Greenwood neighborhood.  I’ve become a big fan of many of Naked City’s beers since they first opened.  Head brewer Don Webb (and Assistant Brewer Isaac Hatter) definitely love their work and that love comes through in the quality of the beers they produce.

This coming Saturday, October 17th, Naked City is preparing to celebrate their 7th Anniversary.  I know, I know.  2009 to 2015 isn’t quite 7 years, but there’s an explanation.  I think Naked City can explain it best, so I’ll let them do that.  We’re not here to nit pick about dates, though.  We’re here to talk about the anniversary celebration and what you can expect.

Here is the expected tap list (so far) for the Anniversary celebration:

  1. The Spy Who Came In For A Kolsch
  2. Screening Room Red
  3. Pinkerton Porter
  4. Crossfire IPA
  5. Naked City/Flying Bike Brewmance Golden Ale
  6. Betsy’s Mountain
  7. Boo Radley Pumpkin Ale
  8. Orange Blossom Special IPA
  9. What the Wit?!
  10. Woodland Wheat
  11. Maggie’s Farm(house)
  12. Ginger Peach Saison
  13. Beyond the Pale
  14. The Big Lebrewski
  15. Naked City/Ninkasi Sister Midnight
  16. Naked City/Geaux Brewing Geaux Naked
  17. The Knowledge
  18. Bing
  19. (yet to be named) IPA
  20. Big Lebrewski NITRO
  21. BlackBerry Sage Porter
  22. Cherry Vanilla Porter
  23. Rye Whiskey Porter
  24. Barrel Aged Belgian Dark Cherry

That’s quite a lineup.  I’m particularly looking forward to this year’s vintage of The Big Lebrewski (one of my favorites from Naked City) and their Barrel Aged Belgian Dark Cherry.  Yum, yum.  Unfortunately, it’s not Cry Me A River season, but I can live without their ‘Pliny killer’ triple IPA, when the rest of the lineup looks like that.

Naked City Brewery & Taphouse's Founder & Head Brewer, Don Webb

Naked City Brewery & Taphouse’s Founder & Head Brewer, Don Webb


Here is a bit more information about the Anniversary celebration from Naked City Brewery & Taphouse:

Join us for an all-day celebration of all things NC, including live music and many special guests, beer cotton candy, food specials, and a delicious array of rare Naked City beers available ONLY ONCE A YEAR on this special day of days.

Naked City will have 24 house brewed beers on tap, including special barrel-aged beers and Big Lebrewski, Don’s legendary White Russian Imperial Stout. The Anniversary party will also feature live music from Rivers and Roads, and a headlining comedy show with Brent Weinbach alongside delicious treats from Chef Tessa.

Mark your calendars, get a good night’s sleep, and saddle up early for a glorious day and night of feasting and revelry.

11:30am – Pub Opens
3pm – Rivers and Roads Concert – Free
9pm – Stand Up Comedy with Brent Weinbach & Derek Sheen – $15 adv

Getting a good night’s sleep the Friday before this celebration (as Naked City suggests) might be a bit challenging, since Pike Brewing’s 26th Anniversary takes place that day.  However, I’m betting there are enough die hard Seattle craft beer fans out there that will make it to both events.  I know I’m sure going to try.  Congratulations to Naked City Brewery & Taphouse on 7 great years.

Drink responsibly and stay safe out there.

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