Stogies n Hops’ Annual Pig Roast With Firestone Walker Happens Tomorrow


I’m a big fan of Firestone Walker Brewing Company‘s beers.  The quality and consistency of every beer I’ve had from them is simply top notch.  Some of my favorite beers of all are Firestone Walker beers such as Double Jack (Double IPA), DBA, Parabola, Stickee Monkee, §ucaba and more including their ever changing but always delicious annual Anniversary offering.

I’m also a big fan of a good pig roast.  Well cooked pork is sinfully delicious and, of course, pairs well with many different styles of beer.  If you’re a fan of these wonderful gastronomic delights as well, then you’re in luck.  Tomorrow (Saturday, September 12th), Stogies n Hops (CBM Sponsor) is hosting their annual Pig Roast with Firestone Walker.

Stogies n Hops proprietor, Min Chung, definitely knows how to put on a great party.  He used to run the very popular Super Deli Mart in West Seattle, where he’d hold an annual Customer Appreciation BBQ.  Now, after moving up to Lynnwood, he’s upped his game from BBQ to full on Pig Roast.  Stogies n Hops has 20 taps, an amazing cigar selection (with a walk-in humidor), and a bottle selection that rivals some local bottle shops.

The Firestone Walker beers you’ll find on tap at Stogies n Hops for this event include:

  • Easy Jack
  • Union Jack
  • Double Jack
  • Pale 31
  • DBA
  • Pivo Pils
  • Parabola
  • Helldorado
  • Stickee Monkee
  • §ucaba
  • Velvet Mocha Merlin
  • Agrestic
  • Bretta Weisse

That’s quite a lineup.  I’ve had all of these beers before myself and I can tell you, they’re all excellent.  While enjoying these wonderful beers you will, of course, be getting hungry.  Not to fear.  In addition to the full roasted pig, there will also be: potato salad, coleslaw, chips and a few other snacks.  So bring your thirst and your appetite up to Lynnwood tomorrow from 1-4 PM to enjoy this pairing of great food and great beer.

The Walk-In Humidor At Stogies n Hops

The Walk-In Humidor At Stogies n Hops

There won’t be any cigar specials during this particular event, but several of Firestone’s barrel-aged selections on tap should pair well with one of the dozens of fine cigars available in Stogies n Hops’ humidor.  You can hang out, pay some games with Tommy from Firestone Walker and win some prizes to take home.  If parking gets tight, you can mark in the Martha Lake Park across the street.  This event is free to attend for anyone who loves Firestone Walker beers and Stogies n Hops.  Not a fan?  OK, then you’re entrance fee will be $100.  (Ha ha!)

Drink responsibly and stay safe out there.

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