Join Counterbalance Brewing For A Mariners/Sounders Doubleheader


You’re a Seattle Mariners fan, right?  Good.  You’re also a Seattle Sounders FC fan, aren’t you?  Check.  Well, how would you like to see both of them play on the same day, and enjoy some great beers with the crew from Counterbalance Brewing Company?  I know; dumb question.  Of course you would.  Here’s your chance.

Counterbalance Brewing Company is gearing up for a unique Seattle phenomenon: the dual-sport Doubleheader.  On Sunday, October 4th, come cheer on the Mariners as they face the Oakland A’s at 12:10 PM.  Then, come enjoy some delicious Counterbalance beers between games before seeing the Sounders take on the LA Galaxy at 6:30 PM.

Your $40 (or $55) ticket will get you:

$40 includes:

  • Ticket with our group to the Mariners vs. Oakland A’s game at 12:10pm
  • Invitation to join the crew for Counterbalance beers between the baseball game and the soccer match (location TBD)
  • Limited edition Counterbalance Doubleheader T-shirt
  • A special treat in our taproom when you purchase your ticket

$50 includes:

  • All of the above PLUS a custom limited edition Counterbalance scarf

As noted above (TBD), the Counter Balance Brewing Company crew is still working out where they will go to eat/drink between games, but they will make that info available as soon as possible.  Drop by the Counterbalance taproom during their regular hours (Wed-Fri 3-8pm – Sat-Sun 2-6pm) to purchase your ticket(s) and enjoy the Counterbalance beer of your choice when you purchase your ticket.

Whether you attend the event or not, everyone is also invited to Counterblanace for the launch of Tabletop Supernova, their new fall/winter seasonal Imperial IPA, on October 2, the Friday before the doubleheader.  Be sure to follow Counterbalance Brewing on Facebook and/or Twitter to stay informed.

Drink responsibly and stay safe out there.

3 thoughts on “Join Counterbalance Brewing For A Mariners/Sounders Doubleheader

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