Flying Bike Officially Becomes The First Licensed Cooperative Brewery In Washington


I remember when I first heard about Flying Bike Cooperative Brewery.  It was April of 2011 and, at the time, there were only 9 members (the original founding members/owners).  I was excited about the idea and became member number 12.  By August of 2011, Flying Bike had rapidly grown to over 400 members and, by September of 2011, I was elected to the Flying Bike Coop Board of Directors.

For the year I was on the Board of Directors, our primary focus was on building the membership and, more specifically for me, organizing member homebrew competitions so that Flying Bike could start coming up with our first beers.  Also during my time on the Board, I led a few sensory tasting classes.  These classes were a member-only benefit, designed to educate cooperative members who were interested in learning how to better articulate the different sights, aromas and flavors they experience when tasting different craft beers.

Now, four years later, it’s finally happened.  As many of you may know, Flying Bike secured a space in early 2015, right next door to Naked City Brewery And Taphouse.  Since then, they have been busy building out the space, hiring their head brewer, Kevin Forhan, and obtaining all the necessary permits and licenses to get things up and running.

Now Flying Bike Cooperative Brewery is proud to announce that they have received their brewery license from the Washington State Liquor Control Board and are preparing to brewer any day now.

Here is the full press release from Flying Bike Cooperative Brewery:

We are thrilled to announce that last week the Board of Directors received notification from the Washington State Liquor Control Board that they had issued our brewery license. This was the last remaining regulatory hurdle preventing Flying Bike from firing up the brew kettle and starting to brew! If all goes according to plan, the very first batch of Flying Bike beer will be brewed this week!

While Kevin prepares to build up our inventory of beer, our tireless team of volunteers continues to make steady progress on the brewery and tasting room to get it ready for our opening. Currently, we are looking at an early August public opening, with a number of member events preceding this official opening date.

It’s hard to believe, but we really are almost there! However, we still need your help. This brewery building stuff is expensive! As you can imagine, we’ve busted our budget in several areas. There are still two ways you can make a big difference in starting Flying Bike Cooperative Brewery out on the right foot:

Investment Campaign
We still have approximately $20,000 to raise through our investment campaign, but we have a hard end date of August 31st. If you have the means, but have been sitting on the fence, now is the time take your contribution to the Co-op to the next level. This is your last chance to secure your spot in the Investor Mug Club and earn other great rewards. Find out more here, and email to let us know your check is on the way!

Referral Program
Refer your friends and family to Flying Bike and get rewarded! Memberships are an important source of funds for the Co-op, and with your help we can hit our goal of 1300founding members. While the personalized FBCB gear will always be available through the referral program, the deadline for the BIG prizes is July 31st! Don’t miss out on these fantastic one-of-a-kind prizes! Click here for an updated leaderboard and more information. Remember, gift memberships purchased by you automatically count as a referral credit!

We look forward to hoisting a pint of Flying Bike Cooperative Brewery beer in our tasting room with you very soon! Cheers!

Get Those Boots On Kevin, It's Time To Brew

Get Those Boots On Kevin, It’s Time To Brew

It’s an exciting time for Flying Bike’s members, especially those of us who have been waiting so long for this day.  Be sure to follow Flying Bike on Facebook and/or Twitter to keep tabs on their progress and keep an eye out for an opening date announcement hopefully very soon.

Drink responsibly and stay safe out there.

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