Hop Hysteria Starts This Saturday At The Beer Junction


Are you ready for 9 day long blast of hops?  The Beer Junction is certainly ready.  Starting this coming Saturday, June 6th, is their 3rd Annual Hop Hysteria.  Running for a full 9 days until June 14th (and likely a bit longer, until the taps run out), the Junction will devote at least 25 of their 40+ taps to the best and most unique IPAs they can get their hands on.

If you were sad to not see IPApril happen at Beveridge Place Pub this year (it was replaced with Belgian Beer Month), then The Beer Junction has you covered here.  Come satisfy your craving for all things citrusy,piney, herbal, floral, Earthy and all those other wonderful hop qualities your palate craves.  With our early Spring and even Summer here a bit early (except for today’s rain of course – but the Sun and warm temperatures should be back by Friday), my taste buds have been anticipating a higher hop intake than I’ve enjoyed during the Winter.

The full opening lineup for this event has not yet been announced (I’ll update you here when the list is released), but a few special IPAs you can expect to find on tap will include:

  • Three Headed Hop Monster (from Barley Brown’s, Boneyard and Melvin’s)
  • Blimey That’s Bitter (from Reuben’s Brews)
  • Back to The Future Session Double IPA (from Breakside – their collaboration brew with Fremont)
  • 120 Minute IPA (from Dogfish Head)
  • Karate Hopped (from Fort George)

Just this short preview list contains a couple of my favorites and a few I have yet to try.  I’m particularly looking forward to trying the Three Headed Hop Monster (I missed out during Seattle Beer Week) and Back To The Future Session Double IPA from Breakside and Fremont.  I’m eager to taste what they’ve dubbed a ‘Session’ Double IPA.


Sampler trays are encouraged for this event.  You can get sampler trays of 4, 5 or 8 different IPAs.  The cost will vary depending on your choices.  Personally, I’m probably going to want full pints (or the largest pour offered) for many of these IPAs, so I’ll have to pace myself and make a few visits during the week so I can try as many as possible.  With so many new breweries popping up all the time, I’m eager to see what other new IPAs will be on the taplist that I have yet to try.

The Beer Junction doesn’t serve food but, if you get hungry at this event, you’re welcome to bring any outside food in with you (just no outside beverages).  There are plenty of great restaurants nearby or you can order some delicious Mexican food from Pecado Bueno (just order at the bar), which will be delivered right to you in the Junction, usually in 10 minutes or less.

Not a huge IPA fan?  Don’t worry.  Even though at least 25 taps will be taken over with IPAs for this event, the Junction will still have plenty of other options on tap for you to enjoy.

Drink responsibly and stay safe out there.

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