Breakside Brewing And Fremont Brewing Bring Us Back To The Future


Fremont Brewing Company is one of my favorite Seattle Breweries in Washington, and Breakside Brewery is one of my favorite breweries in Oregon.  So, I’m very pleased to announced that Fremont and Breakside have teamed up for a new collaborative beer dubbed: Back To The Future IPA.  Hopefully Robert Zemeckis won’t mind the name.

Back To The Future IPA was brewed specifically for Seattle Beer Week (May 7 – 17).  Breakside and Fremont plan to team up again to brew another collaboration beer for Portland Beer Week (June 11 – 21).

Here is some more information about this beer from Fremont Brewing Company:

Back to the Future IPA
This collaboration is a liquid representation of the Pacific Northwest craft beer community; a cross-border collaboration between Seattle’s Fremont Brewing and Portland’s Breakside Brewing. We decided to brew this beer for Seattle Beer Week and will release another beer for Portland Beer Week…stay tuned. This bromance beer is named Back To The Future IPA as a nod to the futuristic hops used in each of our releases; Jarylo and Equinox in Seattle and Azaaca and Ella in Portland. So, why did you collaborate? Thanks for asking. We came up with the idea to collaborate while traveling through the Mexican desert on a vision quest search of the little-known but potent Chulo Berry. Although the Chulo Berry eluded us that trip, we decided to dedicate what remains of our very existence to finding that damn berry. And since that idea creeped us out, we decided to brew these beers and chill out. So, pop the top, pour yourself a little adventure and Chill Out as you ride Back To The Future on this magic hop carpet ride!
ABV: 7.0%
IBU: 65
Availability: Released, 5/7 at Chuck’s Hop Shop (85th) and available across Washington
We are having two events during beer week focusing on the collaboration (see attached poster).
1) Bottle Release at Chuck’s 85th
  • Thursday, May 7th at Chuck’s Hop Shop (85th)
  • Bottles available upon opening, Brewery reps present from 5-7pm
2) Collaboration Celebration at Fremont
  • Wednesday, May 13th at Fremont Brewing UBG, 5-9pm
  • Featuring Back to the Future IPA, randalled versions of Back to the Future, and additional Breakside beers (Braggadocio, Apollo & Dionysus, Sunshine Pilsner, Session Black IPA)
If you’re curious as to what other events we’re involved in during beer week, you can check our website.
A Look At Fremont Brewing's Other Events For Seattle Beer Week #7

A Look At Fremont Brewing’s Other Events For Seattle Beer Week #7

Your first chance to try this new collaboration beer is coming up this Thursday at Chuck’s Hop Shop in Greenwood.  Can’t make it there?  No problem.  You’ll also have the opportunity to try it at Fremont Brewing on the 13th.  As noted above, there will also be Randalled versions of Back To The Future IPA at Fremont Brewing on the 13th.  If you haven’t already filled up your Seattle Beer Week calendar, you might want to add one or both of these events to your plans.

Drink responsibly and stay safe out there.

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