Black Raven Brings Back Kitty Kat Blues For Their 6th Anniversary Flock Party


Are you ready to party?  This Saturday is rather crowded with events but one that’s definitely of note is the 6th Anniversary Celebration for Black Raven Brewing Company (CBM Sponsor).  During this annual ‘Flock Party’, Black Raven digs deep into their cellar for some goodies and sometimes even brews up a new batch of something popular from the past.  This is a case of the latter.

Brewed especially for the Flock Party, but also brewed in a large enough batch that it shouldn’t all disappear right away, Black Raven is bringing back their very popular beer: Kitty Kat Blues.

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Naked City Creates 8 Collaboration Beers For Seattle Beer Week #7


It seems like Seattle Beer Week just keeps getting bigger every year.  There are well over 240+ events listed for this year’s festivities, including tap takeovers, special tasting, brewer’s nights, ticketed dinners and more.  If you haven’t started making your plans you’d better get busy.  It all kicks off next Thursday, May 7th with several opening night events, including the final stop of the official Seattle Beer Week kickoff events.

Naked City Brewery & Taphouse always gets in on the fun and they’re all set for this year.  They’ve brewed up 8 special collaboration beers and are preparing to tap 80+ regional brews throughout Seattle Beer Week.

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Gravenstein Rosé And Perry Join Seattle Cider’s ‘Harvest Series’ Lineup


This coming Saturday, May 2nd is set to be a pretty busy day.  We’ve got the 2nd Annual Bacon & Beer Classic at Safeco Field (where yours truly will be participating as a judge), the Black Raven Brewing Company (CBM Sponsor) 6th Anniversary ‘Flock Party’, a member work party for Flying Bike Cooperative Brewery members and it’s also National Homebrew Day with a big event taking place at Larry’s Brewing Supply in Kent (and several other locations).  Not to mention, the 2nd is also the 141st Kentucky Derby.

Seattle Cider Company is adding one more event to that list with this Saturday’s release of their new Grevenstein Rosé Cider and Perry – both new additions to their Harvest Series.  What began with the introduction of Washington Heirloom last year has now become a limited edition series showcasing some of Washington’s most unique apple and pear varieties.

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RiteCare Of WA Hosts A Beer Fest This Weekend To Benefit Children With Speech And Laugnage Delays



How would you like to come out to Shoreline this weekend and enjoy some great craft beer from some local breweries, all while helping out children in Washington who have speech and language delays?  It all happens tomorrow, April 25th at the Seattle Scottish Rite Masonic Center.

RiteCare of Washington enables children to communicate.  We provide the highest-quality of care to children with speech and language delays through a family-centered, collaborative care environment. In addition to our customized treatment plans, RiteCare clinicians specialize in parent education to ensure speech and language therapy extends into a child’s home and classroom. Our life-changing therapies are provided at no cost to families thanks to the generous support of our donors.”

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Pour Les Oiseaux Returns From Black Raven Brewing


The hits just keep on coming from Black Raven Brewing Company (CBM Sponsor).  In January they brought us Coco Jones Coconut Porter.  February brought with it La Mort Rouge.  March saw the return of Feral One 2015 Vintage and, just last week, we got Redfeather Session IPA.

Now, before April is even over, Black Raven is bringing back another award winner: Pour Les Oiseaux 2015 Vintage.  A Saison aged in white wine barrels and finished with Brettanomyces, Pour Les Oiseaux won a Gold Medal at the 2011 North American Brewer’s Association Awards (Specialty and experimental catagory).

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Craft Beer Monger’s Picks For Seattle Beer Week #7


Seattle Beer Week #7 kicks off in just over 2 weeks.  As of this morning, April 20th, there are over 220 different events listed for this year’s festivities.  That’s incredible.  Just two weeks ago, when I gave you my tips for enjoying Seattle Beer Week #7 on a budget, there were 180 events listed.  As you can see, that number has grown significantly.

Now, with majority of this year’s events listed, I thought it would be a good time to review all the choices and present you with what I believe will be the best events to hit during each day of Seattle Beer Week.  Unlike my budget friendly article from two weeks ago, however, this list of events will disregard cost and focus entirely on fun.

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Seattle Cider Company Expands Distribution To Minnesota


Seattle Cider Company seems to be quickly taking over the nation.  Since they first launched back in 2012, they’ve continued to increase production and expand into new markets.  Just this past February I told you about their expansion into Wisconsin (the 6th state, including Washington, to carry Seattle Cider Company ciders).  Their ‘drier’, less-sweet ciders hold a growing appeal to those who find many other commercial ciders too sweet.

Now, Seattle Cider Company is set to expand into their 7th state: Minnesota.  Their ciders should start appearing there on May 4th, along with a series of kickoff events planed throughout the week.

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The Washington Beer Commission Announces Their #DrinkWaBeer Instagram Campaign


Are you planning to attend this year’s 10th Anniversary Washington Brewer’s Festival, coming on June 19-21?  How would you like to attend the festival for free?  Are you on Instagram?  If not, get yourself an account today and start snapping those photos.  The Washington Beer Commission is launching an Instagram campaign.  It’s a photo contest where the grand prize is 4 free tickets to this year’s very special 10th Anniversary festival.

All you have to do is follow the Washington Beer Commission on Instagram (@Washingtonbeer), start snapping photos of Washington beers that show off our beautiful state, and tag each one with #DrinkWaBeer.

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Redfeather SIPA Arrives Tomorrow From Black Raven Brewing


If you’re looking for a new Session IPA to sip on this Spring and Summer, then look no farther than Black Raven Brewing Company (CBM Sponsor).  Just this past January, they brought back their popular Son of Birdserker SIPA, which always arrives shortly after the release of their Birdserker Triple IPA, for obvious reasons.

Next up,  as part of their rotating SIPA series, is their latest release: Redfeather Session IPA.  Arriving tomorrow, April 15th, Redfeather SIPA is all set to carry you from Spring into Summer.

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Black Raven Brewing Prepares To Celebrate Six Years Of Great Beers



Can you believe Black Raven Brewing (CBM Sponsor) has been around for only six years?  In that relatively short time, they’ve amassed a huge following and have a portfolio that’s just overflowing with amazing beers.  They brew IPAs, Stouts, Saisons, Sours, Barleywines, Lagers and much more.

The tap lineup for this year’s anniversary celebration hasn’t been announced yet but, if it’s anything like last year’s list, you definitely won’t be disappointed.  I expect Black Raven will dig into their cellar once again and bring us some amazing and rare versions of some of their most popular offerings.

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