Diablo del Sol Arrives This Saturday From Foggy Noggin



Pale Ale is an extremely popular craft beer style.  How many of you, as homebrewers, started out by trying to ‘copy’ your favorite Pale Ale?  Granted, IPA is a bit more popular, especially here in the Northwest where many local IPAs are more assertively hoppy than IPAs from just about any other part of the U.S.  Still, everyone needs a good go to Pale Ale.

Some popular Pale Ales here in the Seattle area include: Manny’s Pale Ale from Georgetown Brewing Company, Persnickety Pale Ale from Two Beers Brewing Company (CBM Sponsor) and Universale Pale Ale from Fremont Brewing Company, just to name a few.  However, none of those Pale Ales won last year’s Reader’s Choice Award for Best Pale Ale in 2014 from Northwest Brewing News.  That honor went to Foggy Noggin Brewing and their Diablo del Sol English Style Pale Ale.

Brewed as a Winter Seasonal release, Diablo del Sol is a hoppy Pale Ale, bursting with the aroma of Cascade hops.  Just one whiff will make you glad Spring is just around the corner.

Foggy Noggin Founder And Head Brewer, Jim Jamison, Accepting His Award

Foggy Noggin Founder And Head Brewer, Jim Jamison, Accepting His Award For Best Pale Ale In 2014

Here’s a bit more information  about Diablo del Sol from Foggy Noggin Brewing:

Diablo del Sol – English Pale Ale – SEASONAL
Sparky would be proud of this incredible interpretation of an English Pale Ale. This beer has a bold hoppy aroma that will warn you to apply sunscreen and put on your sunglasses. A huge amount of hops are added to the end of the boil to make this beer pop. Nice balance with a rich malty sweetness and floral aggressive hoppy pressence will have you thinking Spring is already here. ¡Salud!

OG: 1.056
IBU: 51
SRM: 12
ABV: 5.2
Malts: Maris Otter,Crystal
Hops: Cascade

Foggy Noggin Brewing's Diablo del Sol

Foggy Noggin Brewing’s Diablo del Sol

If you’ve never had Diablo del Sol before, I wouldn’t be surprised.  For those who don’t know, Foggy Noggin is one of the smallest production breweries in Washington state, producing all of their beers on a tiny 1/2 barrel brewing system in a residential neighborhood in Bothell.  Visiting the brewery is the best way to try Foggy Noggin’s ales, since only a limited number of kegs of their beers make it from the brewery to local tap rooms.  Foggy Noggin’s ‘Cease & Desist IPA’ (Formerly, ’12th Man Skittles IPA’), for example, was so popular that they had to hold  lottery each week to see which local taproom(s) would get a keg for each Seahawks game this past season.

Diablo del Sol English Pale Ale returns to the Foggy Noggin tap room this coming Saturday, Febuary 21st and should be around for about the next 6-8 weeks.  Take a trip out to the brewery to have a few pints or pick yourself up a growler, and keep your ears open in case any makes it way to a tap room near you.

Drink responsibly and stay safe out there.

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