Scotch Ale Returns In Bottles From Bellevue Brewing

BBC - Scotch Ale

I enjoy a good Wee Heavy Scotch Ale when I can get one.  The rich, malty and slightly smoky/peaty full flavor doesn’t agree with everyone but, when they’re made right, Scotch Ales are quite delicious.  The problem is, not a whole lot of local breweries make a Scotch Ale with any regularity.  One of my favorites from breweries in the Northwest is Fat Scotch from Silver City Brewing Company out on the Olympic peninsula.  It’s especially good when you can get the more rare Fat Woody Scotch (bourbon barrel aged).

Another locally made Scotch Ale that’s very high on my list is the one from Bellevue Brewing Company (CBM Sponsor), which also comes in a more rare bourbon barrel aged variety.  Unfortunately, it’s not quite bourbon barrel time yet (in bottles at least – the bourbon barrel aged version is on tap at the brewery right now but won’t be for long!), but the regular version of Bellevue Brewing’s Scotch Ale will be making its return in bottles on February 20th.  This is one of Bellevue Brewing’s flagship beers (meaning that it’s always on tap at Bellevue Brewing), and the only flagship beer they bottle seasonally.  Their other seasonally bottled beers include their Rye IPA and their Winter Ale (Summer & Winter, respectively).

Here is some more information from Bellevue Brewing Company:

Scotch Ale
7.7% ALC/VOL  |  32 BU  |  19.5º PLATO
-MALTS:  2-Row Pale, Caramel Munich 60º, C-40º, C-120º, Roasted Barley
-HOPS:  Bravo
-Flavor:  Rich, Full-Bodied Caramel Goodness With Hints Of Cashew, Hazelnut, And Toffee.

Some who have enjoyed Bellevue’s Scotch Ale have remarked that it has a great flavor but perhaps a slightly lighter body than other Wee Heavy Scotch Ales.  This could be due to the fact that this bee clocks in at 7.7%, which is a bit lower in ABV than many other Wee Heavy (or Strong) Scotch Ales on the market.  Silver City’s Fat Scotch, for example, comes in at 9.2%.

Bellevue Brewing Scotch Ale is set to ship out from Bellevue Brewing Company next Friday, February 20th and should start appearing in local bottle shops soon thereafter.  You can also, of course, try it at Bellevue Brewing’s taproom stating on the 19th.

Drink responsibly and stay safe out there.

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