Counterbalance Brewing Is Now Open In Georgetown


When most people think of Seattle’s Georgetown neighborhood they think, of course, of Georgetown Brewing Company on Denver Avenue South just off Lucille Street, but they also think primarily of that stretch of Airport way between Corson Avenue South and 13th Avenue South.  Y’know, the stretch that contains all those well known spots like Flying Squirrel Pizza, Zippy’s Giant Burgers, Ellenos Real Greek Yogurt, Hallava Falafel, Fonda La Catrina, Full Throttle Bottles, Machine House Brewing Company, Fran’s Choclates, Jules Mae’s Saloon, Hitchcock Deli, Smarty Pants, the 9lb Hammer and more.

That’s not all there is to Georgetown though.  It stretches to the West to 99/East Marginal Way South and the Duwamish waterway.  You know the area.  It’s where you’ll find Sound Homebrew Supply, Katsu Burger, Matt’s Famous Chili Dogs and South Seattle Community College – Georgetown.  It’s also where you’ll find one of Seattle’s newest breweries, Counterbalance Brewing Company.

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A Preview Of Outer Planet Brewing Company


Starting your own brewery can be a big decision.  Some people ponder the idea for years before taking any action.  Others just feel that spark and jump right in.  In a way, both of these are the case for Outer Planet Brewing Company founders Renato Martins and Jim Stoccardo.

Now, stay with me here.  A few years back Renato was Jim’s brother’s boss at Microsoft.  Jim is an artist by trade but has been homebrewing since the mid 90’s.  One afternoon when they all got together Renato and Jim started talking and Renato, considering brewing an art as well (which indeed it is), felt that spark and asked Jim if he’d ever considered opening a brewery.  Honestly, what homebrewer hasn’t at least considered the idea at one point or another?  Jim had, of course, thought about it but didn’t know if he had the means on his own.  Renato proposed that Jim take care of the brewing, and he’d take care of the business end of things.  Jim agreed.  They scarped together what money they could, borrowed a bit more from friends and family and Outer Planet Brewing Company was born.

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Diablo del Sol Arrives This Saturday From Foggy Noggin



Pale Ale is an extremely popular craft beer style.  How many of you, as homebrewers, started out by trying to ‘copy’ your favorite Pale Ale?  Granted, IPA is a bit more popular, especially here in the Northwest where many local IPAs are more assertively hoppy than IPAs from just about any other part of the U.S.  Still, everyone needs a good go to Pale Ale.

Some popular Pale Ales here in the Seattle area include: Manny’s Pale Ale from Georgetown Brewing Company, Persnickety Pale Ale from Two Beers Brewing Company (CBM Sponsor) and Universale Pale Ale from Fremont Brewing Company, just to name a few.  However, none of those Pale Ales won last year’s Reader’s Choice Award for Best Pale Ale in 2014 from Northwest Brewing News.  That honor went to Foggy Noggin Brewing and their Diablo del Sol English Style Pale Ale.

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Cask Fest Is Just Over A Month Away


The Washington Beer Commission puts on several different festivals each year.  They include the Washington Brewer’s Festival, Bremerton Summer Brewfest, Everett Craft Beer Festival, Inland Northwest Craft Beer Festival, South Soud Craft Beer Festival and Belgianfest (which took place just last month down at Pier 66).  They used to also host the Washington Cask Beer Festival but this year, the reins have been handed over to the Washington Brewer’s Guild.

Cask beers have a different character than beers you’ll find on tap, including the fact that they may be both served at warmer temperatures as well as being generally less carbonated.  I think this allows you to explore other flavors and aromas you wouldn’t necessarily find in the very same beer if it was being served from a traditional keg rather than on cask.

Set to take place this year on Saturday, March 28th, the Washington Cask Beer Festival will feature cask-conditioned, unfiltered and unpasteurized beer from over 40 different Washington breweries.  Also set to be on tap for this year’s festival is ‘Herbert’s Legendary Cask Festival Ale’, a special cask beer brewed collectively by the Washington brewers in memory of Bert Grant.  Further details are below.

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My Take On The Snake Bite Bottle Opener & Can Venter


I’ve never given a lot of thought to bottle openers or to ‘venting’ cans.  Since I drink the majority of my beer these days either on tap or from a growler, I don’t often have use for a bottle opener or much reason to vent a can.  I’m also, in general, not a huge fan of cans anyway.  I totally understand why they’re back, why so many craft breweries are canning their beers and why they’re popular but, if I have to purchase packaged beer, I’ve always preferred the bottle over the can.  It’s just my personal preference.

In addition, my days of drinking straight from the bottle or the can are pretty much over.  I used to drink beer that way, back in my college days, but no more.  Perhaps some of you think that makes me a beer ‘snob’.  I don’t agree.  I just prefer to drink my beer as it was intended to be: out of a glass.  Granted, if I’m offered a beer somewhere in a bottle or a can and there’s no glassware available, I will go ahead and drink it from the bottle/can.  Again, it’s just not my preference.

Having said that, I know that I may be in the minority.  Not everyone drinks the majority of their beer on tap or in growlers as I do.  If they did, there wouldn’t be much of a reason for breweries to package their beers now would there?  Also, I obviously have need of a bottle opener at times.  Not every beer I drink comes from a tap or growler.  We’ve also reached the point where some beers only come in cans.  So I do occasionally find myself opening a can rather than a bottle.  You can’t fight change.  So, when the Snake Bite Co. contacted me about trying out their product, I figured I’d give it a look.

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Scotch Ale Returns In Bottles From Bellevue Brewing

BBC - Scotch Ale

I enjoy a good Wee Heavy Scotch Ale when I can get one.  The rich, malty and slightly smoky/peaty full flavor doesn’t agree with everyone but, when they’re made right, Scotch Ales are quite delicious.  The problem is, not a whole lot of local breweries make a Scotch Ale with any regularity.  One of my favorites from breweries in the Northwest is Fat Scotch from Silver City Brewing Company out on the Olympic peninsula.  It’s especially good when you can get the more rare Fat Woody Scotch (bourbon barrel aged).

Another locally made Scotch Ale that’s very high on my list is the one from Bellevue Brewing Company (CBM Sponsor), which also comes in a more rare bourbon barrel aged variety.  Unfortunately, it’s not quite bourbon barrel time yet (in bottles at least – the bourbon barrel aged version is on tap at the brewery right now but won’t be for long!), but the regular version of Bellevue Brewing’s Scotch Ale will be making its return in bottles on February 20th.  This is one of Bellevue Brewing’s flagship beers (meaning that it’s always on tap at Bellevue Brewing), and the only flagship beer they bottle seasonally.  Their other seasonally bottled beers include their Rye IPA and their Winter Ale (Summer & Winter, respectively).

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Airways Brewing Company Releases #AvGeek Hoppy Pale Ale


Airways Brewing Company (CBM Sponsor) is obsessed with all things having to do with aviation.  This should come as no surprise based on their name, and is obvious to anyone who has visited the brewery in Kent.  Now, to help celebrate that obsession, Airways Brewing is releasing #AvGeek Hoppy Pale Ale.  A limited edition Pale Ale Brewed in conjunction with, #AvGeek Hoppy Pale Ale will be available in time for the annual Aviation Geek Fest (Feb. 21-22 in Seattle).

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Bellevue Brewing’s CDA Returns


Cascadian Dark Ale is a relatively new craft beer style.  The first ones stated showing up in the early 2000’s and, at the time, many of them were were referred to as a “Black IPA” – somewhat of an oxymoron (is it black or is it pale (the ‘P’ in IPA)?).  Personally, I’ve always thought they should be called IBA (India Black Ale), since they are, essentially, a dark version of the traditional IPA (with some variations, of course), but that’s another discussion.

Regardless of what you call them, Cascadian Dark Ales (CDAs) have become a popular style across the Northwest and indeed the craft beer World at large and several local breweries make great examples of the style.  One such brewery is Bellevue Brewing Company (CBM Sponsor), whose version was called the best CDA in the Pacific Northwest in 2013 by SIP Northwest Magazine.  Making it’s return for 2015, Bellevue Brewing’s CDA will return one week from today on Thursday, February 19th.

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La Mort Rouge Arrives Tomorrow From Black Raven Brewing Company


Belgianfest 2015 took place just two weeks ago in Seattle (January 31st at the Bell Harbor International Conference Center at Pier 66).  It was one of the first places this year (and every year), that you can try Black Raven Brewing Company‘s annual release of Bourbon Barrel Aged La Petite Mort.  This Belgian Strong Dark Ale is delicious on its own but when it’s bourbon barrel aged, it gets even better.

I had to laugh just a bit when the crowds were let in to this year’s Belgianfest too because people, literally, started running towards a few different breweries, particularly Black Raven.  Calm down, people, there’s enough for everyone!  Well, honestly, that’s not always the case.  I can recall a few years back when Black Raven actually ran out of La Petite Mort only halfway through the first session of Belgianfest.  It was that popular.  I guess those running for their booth were determined that, this year, they were going to have some.

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Travel Portland And Base Camp Brewing Team Up To Create #PDXNOW Beers


Oregon and Portland in particular are already great craft beer destinations. By last count at the end of 2014, there were 221 breweries and 179 brewing companies in Oregon, spread across 71 different cities (58 of those are in Portland)*.  Well, Travel Portland isn’t satisfied.  They want even more craft tourism to come to Oregon and have partnered with Base Camp Brewing Company to introduce a series of limited-availability #PDXNOW beers as part of their larger “Portland Is Happening Now” Winter Tourism campaign.

Other participating breweries included: Baerlic, Breakside, Coalition, Ecliptic, Ex Novo, Fat Head’s, Gigantic, Hopworks and Strombreaker.  Along with Base Camp, that makes 10 Portland area breweries, each contributing a beer to the series.  Back on January 24th, Base Camp hosted #PDXNOW Presents Base Camp’s Collabofest, which was the public’s first chance to try these 10 brand new beers.

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