Expansion Plans And The Latest Alta Series Release From Two Beers Brewing


2015 is here and, along with it, comes yet another expansion for Two Beers Brewing Company (CBM Sponsor).  Since their modest beginnings back in 2007, brewing just 100 barrels a year, Two Beers Brewing Company has continued to grow to meet the ever-increasing demand for their brews.  Also, since launching their incredibly popular sister company, Seattle Cider Company, in August 2013, the need for more space has become clear to anyone visiting The Woods (the shared taproom for Two Beers Brewing Company and Seattle Cider Company).  Things can get pretty crowded these days, even on weeknights.  In order to fulfill the demand for more space, The Woods will be moving.  Don’t worry though.  They’re only moving about 50 feet.  Two Beers/Seattle Cider recently took over the space immediately to the North of their current location (the space formerly occupied by Resolute lighting).

A larger tap room isn’t the only reason for the expansion.  Two Beers Company and especially Seattle Cider Company have been growing so quickly, this expansion is an absolute must.  When Seattle Cider Company first launched less than 2 years ago, they planed things out carefully and set a sales goal of how much cider they wanted to be selling within 5 years.  To their astonishment, they reached that 5 year goal in just 6 months, which is pretty incredible.

The New Space For The Woods - The Before Picture

The New Space For The Woods – The Before Picture

Here is a bit more information about the taproom expansion from Two Beers Brewing Company:

For those of you who have not yet heard, Two Beers and Seattle Cider are expanding! Due to some crazy growth, we have had to take over the unit directly to the north of the current brewery!

The biggest change that you folks will notice is that we are moving The Woods! The new space will be considerably bigger, but we are doing our damndest to make sure that it still has everything that you love about our current wonderful (if sometimes a little cramped) tap room.

New additions will include:

  • 24 taps!
  • Pool, shuffleboard, skee ball, darts, and other fun games!
  • A reserve space for private birthday parties, work “meetings,” retirement shindigs, etc..
  • Bigger bathrooms!
  • Bigger outdoor seating area!

I’ve been following their progress on the new taproom and hope to be able to provide you a ‘preview’ before the official opening.  If everything goes as planned. Two Beers/Seattle Cider hope to launch the new and improved version of The Woods by early to mid March.

We may still have to wait a couple of months for the new and improved tap room, but you only have to wait a month for Two Beers’ next Alta Series release.  Fall Line Russian Imperial Stout makes its return on Saturday, February 7th.

The 2014 Release Of Fall Line Russian Imperial Stout At The Woods

The 2014 Release Of Fall Line Russian Imperial Stout At The Woods

Here is some more information about this release from Two Beers Brewing Company:

The time draws near for the deep dark glory that isFall Line Russian Imperial Stout to reappear and titlate our palates. As luck would have it, that time is Saturday February 7th! We’ll be throwing another release party with all sorts of fun specialty beers (including the new Cold Brew Coffee Ale!). We will also have the brand new Woodshop BBQ food truck blessing us with their delicious presence.

Just like with the other Alta Series releases, we will have a Wax-Dipping party the week preceding the party to give you guys a special preview! Look for an invite in the coming weeks!

As noted above, Two Beers will hold another wax-dipping party about a week prior to Fall Line’s release.  They’ll be asking for volunteers to help wax seal every bottle.  Drinks and pizza are usually provided and, as a thank you for your help, you’ll get to take a bottle of Fall Line home with you.  You can check out some photos from Two Beers’ last wax-dip party HERE, which was in preparation for the release of Overhang Bourbon Imperial Porter.  Overhang was released back in November during their 7th Anniversary celebration.

Freshly Dipped Bottles Of Overhang Bourbon Imperial Porter From The Last Wax-Dipping Party

Freshly Dipped Bottles Of Overhang Bourbon Imperial Porter From The Last Wax-Dipping Party

Fall Line Russian Imperial Stout will be released when The Woods opens at 1:00 PM on Saturday, February 7th.  Don’t forget though, if you’re a member of the Two Beers Brewing Company Mug Club, you get in at noon.  Mug club members should also check their email, because Two Beers recently sent out information regarding the latest Mug Club party.  If you’re a member, don’t miss it.

Drink responsibly and stay safe out there.

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