Black Raven Brewing Releases Prototype IPA

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There are plenty of IPAs out there.  So many that I’ve lost count of all the different IPAs I’ve sampled over the years. India Pale Ale is probably the number one most popular craft beer style out there and you’ll have no problem finding an IPA (or several) on tap at just about any craft beer bar out there and at most craft breweries.

Black Raven Brewing Company (CBM Sponsor) already makes several different versions of India Pale Ale including: Trickster IPA, Wisdom Seeker Double IPA, Son Of Birdserker Session IPA, Nothing But Flowers Session IPA, Beak Tweaker Citrus IPA and Birdserker Triple IPA.  Even so, according to their latest announcement, Black Raven believes “The World needs another IPA! (Not really but we brewed one anyway.)”  So, set for release today, December 23rd, Black Raven brings us Prototype IPA.

Here is some more information from Black Raven Brewing Company:


Prototype IPA

Release date: Tuesday 12/23/2014 @3PM

The world needs another IPA!
(Not really but we brewed one anyway)

This is a new project that might end up being a full time addition or become something else down the road. That is the nature of prototypes, you gotta start somewhere and see where it goes.

Taproom release, growler fills welcome.

As you can tell by the announcement, this new IPA is an experiment for Black Raven.  As noted above it will be available only at The Raven’s Nest – Black Raven’s taproom in Redmond, and will be available for growler fills so you can take some home for further… uh… evaluation.

Everything has to start somewhere.  Black Raven has their new Prototype.  Will it do well enough to go into production?  You can help decide.   If it’s a hit, Prototype could become part of Black Raven’s regular lineup, so be sure to let them know what you think when you try it out.

Drink responsibly and stay safe out there.

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