Beveridge Place Pub Hosts A Deschutes Black Butte Reserve Vertical Tasting


We’re fortunate here in the Northwest to have so many great craft beer events.  With so many breweries and craft beer bars (not to mention Seattle Beer Week and the plethora of other craft beer festivals that take place throughout the year), the number of events happening each week and indeed almost every day is just amazing.  It’s gotten to the point where you, quite literally, have to pick and choose because, sometimes, two (or more) events are happening at the same time on opposite ends of town.

Don’t get me wrong.  I’m not complaining by any stretch of the imagination.  As I said, we’re fortunate to have so many great events to choose from around here, and one place in particular that does a great job of hosting craft beer events is Beveridge Place Pub in West Seattle (which also just won Pub Of The Year (WA) from Northwest Brewing News).  Did you know that they have some type of craft beer event every single Thursday?  Be sure to check their events page regularly, so you always know what events are coming up.

One such event, set to take place tomorrow, December 11th, is a Deschutes Black Butte Reserve Vertical Tasting.  This amazing event will have the last five Deschutes Brewing Anniversary brews.  If you’ve never had Black Butte before, you are most definitely missing out.  If you have had it, then you know what’s up.  Come out and try 5 years of this amazing Porter.

Here is the lineup for this event from Beveridge Place Pub:

  • Black Butte XII (Only 5 kegs are known to still exist)
  • Black Butte XIII
  • Black Butte XIV
  • Black Butte XV
  • Black Butte XVI

All five of these beers will be on tap and available when Beveridge Place Pub opens their doors at 2:00 PM.  However, if you want to meet Abe (Deschutes Brewer John Abraham) and win some schwag from Deschutes, be sure to stick around until at least 7:00 PM.

Gary Sink From Beveridge Place Pub Accepting The Award For 2014 Pub Of The Year From Northwest Brewing News

Gary Sink From Beveridge Place Pub Accepting The Award For 2014 Pub Of The Year (WA) From Northwest Brewing News This Past Saturday

As with their many previous tasting events, I’m sure Beveridge Place will have all 5 vintages of Black Butte available as a taster tray, so you can try them all.  So clear your calendar for tomorrow evening, and come out to West Seattle for this great tasting event.

Drink responsibly and stay safe out there.

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