The 8th Annual Big Wood Fest At Brouwer’s Cafe Starts This Thursday – UPDATED 12/3


Each year, Brouwer’s Cafe put on some of Seattle’s best and most anticipated beer festivals.  With Hop Fest, the Hard Liver Barleywine Festival, Sour Fest, the Back In Black Stout Fest as well as other festivals (for example: the Hop Mob Triple IPA Road Show), they’ve got a festival to cover just about every beer drinker’s taste (unless you’re a Bud drinker, in which case you’re out of luck).  I was about to say that one of my favorite festivals is coming up at Brouwer’s, but I can’t say that.  I’ve come to realize that I don’t have a favorite; I really do love them all.  I’m a hophead at heart but I enjoy all beer styles, so I always find plenty of beers I truly enjoy at each one of their festivals.

Now, with December upon us, it’s time for Brouwer’s 8th Annual Big Wood Festival.  This festival features all beers that have been aged in barrels or on wood chips.  I’m a huge fan of wood aged beers, especially bourbon barrel aged stouts, so I’m really looking forward to Big Wood (as I do each year).  As I said above, I can’t really pick a favorite festival at Brouwer’s Cafe – but they can.

From Brouwer’s Cafe:

This is one of our favorite festivals all year, maybe that’s why we save it till the end.  We feel that this year’s list is going to be very well received, we have worked over the years and especially over the past year to amass a wide variety of awesome.

I must concur with “a wide variety of awesome.”  The tap lists for each of Brouwers’ festivals never disappoints.  They always seem to pull in several rare, sought after beers that you just won’t find on tap many other places.  This year’s list for Big Wood, which Brouwer’s just revealed, is no different.

From The 2012 Big Wood Festival At Brouwer's Cafe

From The 2012 Big Wood Festival At Brouwer’s Cafe

Here is the preliminary tap list for this year’s festival from Brouwer’s Cafe:

UPDATE 12/3 – Brouwer’s has updated the tap list once more, including pour sizes and prices for most.  

Here is the new list:  

  • Alameda Bbl-Aged Ol’ Alger Barleywine Nitro (11%) Portland $7.00
  • Almanac Bourbon Sour Porter 2013 (6%) San Francisco $9.00
  • Avery Tweak No. 1 Bbl-Aged Coffee Imp. Stout (17.98%) Boulder $10.00(6oz)
  • Bainbridge Island Broadhead Bbl-Aged Red (8.5%) Bainbridge Island $9.00
  • Boneyard Barrel-Aged Suge Knite Imperial Stout (14%) Bend $9.00
  • Boulevard Rye on Rye ’13 (12%) Kansas City $8.00
  • Breakside Aquavit IPA (7.8%) Portland $8.00
  • Cantillon Cuvée Saint Gilloise (5%) Anderlecht $10.00(6oz)
  • Crux Fermentation Oud Bruin Cake/Freak Cake (10.5%) Bend $6.00(6oz)
  • De Struise Blackberry Albert Imp. Stout (13%) Oosvleteren $9.00(6oz)
  • Deschutes Abyss ’14 (12%) Bend $8.00
  • Destihl St. Dekerra Strawberry Sour (7.5%) Normal $6.00(6oz)
  • Elevation False Summit BBA Quad (11.73%) Pancho Springs $10.00
  • Elevation Signal De Botrange Chardonnay Imp. Farmhouse (9.86%) $10.00
  • Elevation Montanya Rum Barrel aged Horchata Imp Porter(8.5%) $6.00(6oz)
  • Elysian Gourdfather Bbl-Aged Pumpkin Barleywine (11.2%) Seattle $8.00
  • Engine House #9 Nefilibata (5.8%) Tacoma $7.00(6oz)
  • Engine House #9 Brouwer’s Blend (11.2%) Tacoma $6.00
  • Finnriver Cider in the Rye Bbl-Aged Cider (8%) Chimacum $9.00
  • Firestone Walker Oaked Parabola ‘11 (13%) Paso Robles $6.00(6oz)
  • Fremont Cinnimon Infusion BBomb Nitro (12%) Seattle $6.00(6oz)
  • Fremont Bourbon Bbl-Aged Darkstar Coffee Edition ’14 (11%) Seattle $6.00(6oz)
  • Full Sail Top Sail Bourbon Bbl-Aged Imp. Porter ’12 (11%) Hood River $8.00
  • Goose Island Bourbon County Stout (12.5%) Chicago $7.00(6oz)
  • Hair of the Dog Ardbeg Adam from the Wood (10%) Portland $6.00(6oz)
  • Hale’s Gold Rush ’13 (10%) Seattle $7.00
  • Holy Mountain Barrel Fermented Gose (4.6%) Seattle $6.00
  • H.U.B. Barrel Aged (9.5%) Portland $8.00
  • Iron Fist Rum Barrel Dark Day Imp. Stout (14.3%) Vista $9.00
  • Logsdon Oak Aged Bretta (8%) Hood River $6.00(6oz)
  • Lompoc Port Bbl-Aged Big Bang Red ’14 (8%) Portland $9.00
  • Lost Abbey Cuvée De Tomme ’13 (11%) San Marcos $10.00
  • LoverBeer Madamin Italian Sour (6.2%) Marentino $9.00(6oz)
  • Midnight Sun Berserker Bourbon Imperial Stout (12.7%) Anchorage $6.00(6oz)
  • New Belgium Oscar Worthy Coffee Sour (7.6%) Fort Collins $7.00
  • North Sound Bbl-Aged Imperial Red (9%) Mt. Vernon $8.00
  • Odin O&S Cabernet Barrel-Aged Saison (8%) Seattle $6.00
  • Old Schoolhouse Oaked Imperial Porter (9%) Winthrop $6.00
  • Pelican Mother of All Storms Bbl-Aged Barleywine (14%) Pacific City $9.00
  • Perennial La Bohème Bbl-Aged Cherry Sour (6%) St. Louis $8.00(6oz)
  • Pike Bbl-Aged Kilt Lifter Scotch Ale (8.5%) Seattle $7.00
  • Port Older Viscosity ’14 (12%) San Marcos $9.00
  • Propolis Prunus Malbec Aged Cherry Flanders Red (8.2%) Pt Townsend $6.00(6oz)
  • Reuben’s Brews Bbl-Aged Imperial Stout (12%) Seattle $9.00
  • Russian River Supplication ’11 (7%) Santa Rosa $9.00(6oz)
  • Schooner Exact Whiskey Dick Bbl-Aged Pumpkin Beer (10%) Seattle $6.00
  • Scuttlebutt Bbl-Aged 10° Below ‘13 (8%) Everett $7.00
  • Seven Seas Bbl-Aged Imperial Stout (7%) Gig Harbor $7.00
  • Sierra Nevada Bbl-Aged Narwhal Imperial Stout (12.9%) Chico $8.00
  • Silver City Fat Woody ’14 (9.7%) Silverdale $6.00
  • Sound Brewery Barrel-Aged Ursus Spelaeus Stout (10%) Poulsbo $7.00
  • Stone Barrel-Aged Arrogant Bastard (7.2%) Escondido $9.00
  • Stoup Barrel Aged Imp. Porter (9%) Seattle $8.00
  • Surly Eight (12%) Minneapolis $9.00
  • Surly Pentagram (6.66%) Minneapolis $9.00
  • ‘T Hofbrouwerijke Anarkriek (8.5%) Beerzel $7.00(6oz)
  • The Bruery Bottleworks XII 2.0 Raspberry Sour (8%) Placentia $7.00(6oz)
  • The Commons Putin from the Wood (8%) Portland $7.00
  • Victory White Monkey Bbl-Aged Belgian Golden (9.5%)

Now that’s a tap list I can definitely get excited about.  Cantillon Cuvee Saint Gilloise?  Goose Island Bourbon County Stout?  Fremont Coffee Darkstar?  Reuben’s Bbl Imperial Stout?  The Bruery Bottleworks XII 2.0 Raspberry Sour?  What do I order first?  Talk about a solid tap list; any wood aged beer fan should be able to find several great choices here.

There will also be a few special tappings:

We will be doing some special tappings at 2pm, 6pm, and 8pm, they will be announced 15 mins before the time of tapping.

If you’ve never beer to the Big Wood Festival, then I suggest you take a break from all the holiday season madness out there and get down to Brouwer’s for some delicious, wood aged goodness.  Just don’t over-indulge or you’ll be taking Uber home.  As you can see from the list above, some of these beers are pretty big and can pack quite a wallop.

The 8th Annual Big Wood Festival kicks off this Thursday, December 4th when Brouwer’s Cafe opens their doors at 11:00 AM.  There is usually a bit of a line for this festival, but the definite chill in the air may scare off all but the most dedicated wood aged beer fans.  I’ll see you there.

Drink responsibly and stay safe out there.

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