Lagunitas Brings New Meaning To ‘Fresh’ Hop Ale With Born Yesterday – Updated With Tasting Notes


I’ve been living in Washington state since 1998.  Upon my arrival from Northern California, I was pleased to discover that leaving the Bay Area definitely did not mean leaving craft beer behind.  Indeed, some of my favorite breweries in the World are right here in the Puget Sound (Two Beers (CBM Sponsor), Black Raven (CBM Sponsor) and Fremont, just to name a few).

Before discovering any of the amazing breweries the great Northwest had to offer, however, I already had a small stable of favorite breweries from Northern California.  Lagunitas Brewing Company out of Petaluma, California (and Chicago, Illinois) has always been right near the very top of that list.  Simply put, they don’t make a single beer I don’t like.  The quality and consistency of their beers is absolutely top notch, which is why I’m looking forward to trying their latest offering: Born Yesterday.

A fresh hop pale ale, brewed with fresh-picked Amarillo, Equinox and Mosaic hops, Born Yesterday is the latest fresh hop beer to arrive this harvest season.  In order to take the word ‘fresh’ to the next level, however, Lagunitas decided on an ambitious plan to ship Born Yesterday ‘next day’ out to select craft beer bars and bottle shops in Arizona, California, Illinois, Nevada, Oregon and Washington.  It was bottled on October 27th, and was meant to arrive in bottles and on tap on October 28th.  The plan was quite successful for most destinations, but the shipments to Washington were delayed a bit.  The delay was unfortunate, but I still love the concept and Born Yesterday will still arrive in Washington very fresh.  Start looking for it today at the Washington locations Lagunitas has laid out on their website.

My 'Born Yesterday' Care Package From Lagunitas Brewing Company

My ‘Born Yesterday’ Care Package From Lagunitas Brewing Company

Lagunitas was kind enough to send me a bottle of Born Yesterday as well, and it arrived just this morning.  Guess what I’ll be having for lunch?  Be sure to check back here later today, as I will update this post with my impression of Born Yesterday.  Make sure you try a pint and pick up a few bottles when you find it.  I have a feeling this beer is going to disappear fast.  Just remember, today is tomorrow’s yesterday.

UPDATE: 12:20 PM:

Tasting 'Born Yesterday' From Lagunitas Brewing Company

Tasting ‘Born Yesterday’ From Lagunitas Brewing Company

Born Yesterday Fresh Hop Pale Ale will definitely appeal to the hopheads out there. So, of course, I thoroughly enjoyed it. It’s not over-the-top hoppy or bitter (I see why it’s classified as a Pale Ale rather than an IPA), but you definitely know you’ve got a fresh hop beer on your hands at the first sniff. It pours a bright orange/copper hue with a fluffly white head, releasing aromas of pineapple, apricot, guava and a bit of pine. The flavors follow the nose, with the apricot and guava notes taking center stage on my palate. The malt character is rather subdued with just a touch of sweetness and it comes across as juicy and crisp.  A 4.5 on my Untappd checkin.

Lagunitas has done it again. They retain their streak of not making a single beer I don’t like. I find myself sad that my one bottle is gone. Now, the hunt is on for more. Get it while you can since, as I mentioned above, I doubt this beer will last long on tap or on store shelves.  Cheers!

Drink responsibly and stay safe out there.

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