Black Raven Brewing Prepares To Release Hochtoberfest Lager


Black Raven Brewing Company (CBM Sponsor), who was just named one of the Top 10 Up And Coming Beer Companies by Ask Men magazine, brews a wide variety of styles to compliment every season.  Now, with Summer starting to fade and Fall hot on its heels, Black Raven is preparing to release their Fall seasonal lager: Hochtoberfest.

This traditional German Marzen style lager will ease your taste buds gracefully away from all those light and hoppy Summertime beers you’ve been drinking, and have you welcoming back all those wonderful Fall flavors and aromas.  Brewed Czech grown and malted barley and enhanced with hops from both Europe and the U.S., Hochtoberfest is well balanced with a light hop profile.  It comes in at 5% ABV.

Hochtoberfest will be released this coming Saturday, September 6th when Black Raven Brewing opens their doors at noon.  No bottles, but you can get it at the taproom and growlers will be filled, so be sure to bring a couple along with you or pick up one at the taproom.

I’m a hophead at heart and, even through Winter, I will continue to drink my beloved IPAs.  However, I always relish the return of the Octoberfest/Marzen style, which is probably my favorite style of lager.  Get down to Black Raven Brewing this weekend, have a few pints and bring some home to share.

Drink responsibly and stay safe out there.

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