Burdick Brewery Closed During Expansion


Burdick Brewery (CBM Sponsor) has been open for less than a year.  They first opened their doors just this past October in Seattle’s South Park neighborhood, where they share the building they occupy with Lowercase Brewing – another Seattle newcomer.  Since then, they’ve been serving up a wide variety of small-batch beers including: Belma Pale Ale, Honey Rye Ale, Blonde Ale, Red Ale, a few different IPAs as well as whiskey barrel aged versions of their Red Ale, Blonde Ale and Rye Ale.  They’ve also hosted several small music and poetry events as well as the occasional waffle breakfast on weekends.

Starting out with a modest 1 barrel brewing system and a few 2 barrel fermenters, owner and head brewer, Max Leinbach, has had his hands full keeping up with demand.  Even though, up to this point, the only place you could taste Burdick Brewer beers was at their taproom in South Park.  Max wants that to change.  As a result, Burdick Brewery has decided it’s time to expand.  The good news?  They will be swapping out their 1 barrel brew system and 2 barrel fermenters for a new 7 barrel brew system and a couple of 15 barrel fermemters.  The bad news?  The Burdick Brewery taproom is now closed (as of August 2nd) and will remain closed for up to six months during their expansion,

The Burdick Brewery Taproom

The Burdick Brewery Taproom

Here is the full press release from Burdick Brewery:

SEATTLE (August 5, 2014) – As of August 2nd, 2014, the Burdick Brewery taproom is closed while we work on our expansion and conversion to a production brewery.

I want to inform you of a few things happening with Burdick Brewery:
1. Exciting news. We are purchasing a 7bbl brewing system and a few 15 bbl fermenters.
2. The sad new is, we are going to be closing the Burdick tasting room as we gear up to become a small production brewery.
3. The future: When we re-open our first year will be dedicated to kegging 3 beers–Burdick IPA, Burdick Pale, and Belma IPA. Our tasting room will have very limited hours and will primarily work as our production facility and an event space.

Our desire at Burdick Brewery has always been to be a kegging and canning company (but primarily canning). Our hope is, by the 2nd year, to begin to sell cans in select grocery stores. Our last day of our current taproom being open was August 2nd.

A Personal note from owner, Max Leinbach:
“I want to thank everyone that came by these last 7-10 months and supported us. We brewed a few great beers, some average beers, and a few where the recipes hit the trash can very quickly. It was a vital time for us to always mess around with styles as we new our time brewing on a 1 bbl system was limited. Thanks for allowing us to be experimental, and thanks for coming back as often as you did. I’m really excited for our next phase as it’s been my dream for the last 6 years to put great beer in a great looking can. We anticipate a 6-8 month hiatus before the beer starts flowing again. We will still be hosting some events at our space so keep up with us on social media and check in to our website now and again. Look forward to seeing everyone who supported us and look forward to clinking beer glasses filled with IPA’s and Pale Ale’s from our new system. Sincerest Regards, Max Leinbach.”

A Couple Of Full Growlers At Burdick Brewery

A Couple Of Full Growlers At Burdick Brewery

This expansion/conversion to a production brewery will allow Burdick to start kegging/packaging and distributing their beers around Seattle, so you won’t have to come down to the tap room to give them a try.  That’s OK though, because, when the taproom reopens, Burdick Brewery will be primarily a production brewery with limited taproom hours, as noted above.  If you missed the chance to try any beers from Burdick, don’t worry.  They’ll be back, bigger and better than ever.

Drink responsibly and stay safe out there.

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