Black Raven Brewing Releases Session Whiskey Ginger


The 2014 Washington Brewer’s Festival is coming up this weekend (June 13-15) at Marymoor Park.  It’s a great place to bring Dad for Father’s Day and have the opportunity to taste more than 300 different beers from nearly 90 different Washington State breweries.  It’s also one of only two places you’ll be able to taste the new Session Whiskey Ginger from Black Raven Brewing Company (CBM Sponsor).

Want some Session Whiskey Ginger but you can’t make it to the Washington Brewer’s Festival or just aren’t interested in going?  No problem, the one other place you’ll be able to wrap your lips around some of this special brew is at The Raven’s Nest – Black Raven’s brewery taproom in Redmond.  It will start pouring in the taproom when they open on Saturday, June 14th a noon.  But who knows, they may feel generous and start pouring some on Friday.

Here’s a bit more information on this beer from Black Raven Brewing:


Born from a growing love of session ales and an old love of
barrel aging, this experiment was a well thought out blend of these
two concepts. This beer starts with a base of caramel, Munich and
rye malts. The hops, Northern Brewer and Palisade, introduce
aspects of black pepper, pine and herbal hop character. Fresh
ginger and fresh golanga root add a bite on the nose and palate as
well as a bit more pine. Ageing in rye whiskey barrels adds a woody
depth of character that rounds out and ties in the earthy hops and
ginger. We hope you enjoy drinking it as much as we enjoyed making it.

I’m a big fan of whiskey/bourbon barrel aged beers, so I might just have to visit Black Raven Brewing on Friday and get a bit of this beer for myself.

According to Black Raven:

“Session Whiskey Ginger was created to be a served by-the-pint, or more, bourbon barrel aged beer.  Many of the bourbon barrel aged beers these days focus on high ABV and small servings.  We wanted a beverage that we could drink more than one of, and still go on to enjoy a summer day. The beer has great body, which is hard to attain in a session ale, and lots of balanced flavors from the ginger, hops and barrel ageing.”

Now that sounds like my kind of beer.  Make sure you get a sample (or two or three) if you’re going to the Washington Brewer’s Festival or, if not, head to The Raven’s Nest and have few pints.  I’m eager to try it for myself.

Drink responsibly and stay safe out there.

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