Safeco Field Is Taking Ball Park Food And Drink To A New Level


Though we still have the occasional chill in the air (this is Seattle after all), it is Spring; and Spring means it’s time for baseball.  Can the Seattle Mariners pull off a feat similar to the Seahawks’ amazing championship season?  Only time will tell but, based on their performance so far this season, they appear poised to win 162 straight games – right?  I mean, they’ve kicked the Angels’ butt twice already.

The Seattle Mariners home opener is next Tuesday at 7 PM against the California Angels.  If you’re planning to attend the game, or any Mariners home games this season, you’re in for a truly delicious experience when you head out to the concession stands for something to eat or drink, thanks to Seattle Mariners’ hospitality partner, Centerplate.

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The Bacon And Beer Classic Is Coming To Safeco Field On May 17th


The way some events are named sometimes baffles me.  Golf provides some of the better examples: ‘The Cadillac Classic’?  That sounds more like a new Cadillac model to me than a golf tournament.  How about ‘The John Deere Classic’?  Are we golfing or competing to see who can mow their lawn the best here?  I think the name of an event, even a ‘Classic’, should reflect what you can expect to find at that event rather than who’s sponsoring it.

You enjoy good craft beer, don’t you?  I mean, you’re here reading this article, so I would suspect you do.  I also suspect you enjoy good food as well; perhaps even bacon.  Would I be correct?  Well, do you have plans for Saturday, May 17th?  If you didn’t before, you do now.  The Bacon and Beer Classic is coming to Seattle’s Safeco Field on Friday, May 17th and, with a name like ‘Bacon And Beer Classic’, I’m sure you have a pretty good idea of what to expect.

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Seattle Beer Week 6 Starts May 8th, But You Can Get The SBW6 Beer Now


This year’s Seattle Beer Week is just over a month away.  There are nearly 100 different events listed already, and that number will only increase before the evening of big kickoff events gets under way on April 8th, starting at Elysian Brewing on Capitol Hill, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start celebrating now.

Six Degrees of Collaboration, the official Seattle Beer Week 6 beer, went on sale yesterday, April 1st, at six select locations around Seattle.  No fooling!  I’ll give you just one guess as to where those six locations might be.  That’s right.  The six different breweries who collaborated on this year’s SBW beer will be, at least at first, the only places you can buy this beer.  Only Elysian had it yesterday, April 1st, as it was just shipping out to the other breweries, but be on the lookout for it soon at Black Raven, Pike, Schooner Exact, Naked City and Georgetown as well any day now – and in local bottle shops very soon.

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