Ascension Returns From Two Beers Brewing Company – UPDATED 4/24

Ascension Triple IPA

Ascension Triple IPA

A little over two years ago, in February of 2013, Two Beers Brewing Company (CBM Sponsor) released what was, ‘officially’, the first of their new Alta Series of beers: Switchback Russian Imperial Stout.  I say ‘officially’, because some lucky people got to try what would actually become the second beer in the Alta Series, Ascension Triple IPA, back at the 2012 Seattle International Beer Festival(SIBF)).

The entire line up of Two Beers Brewing Company Alta Series of beers includes: Switchback Russian Imperial Stout (Later re-dubbed Fall Line Russian Imperial Stout), Ascension Triple IPA, High Divide Double Blonde and Overhang Imperial Porter.  Early next month, on May 3rd, what is officially the second beer in the Alta Series, Ascension Triple IPA, returns for its second annual release (really its 3rd release overall, including the 2012 one-off appearance at the 2012 SIBF).

Brewed with triple the amount of hops used in Two Beers’ flagship IPA: Evolutionary IPA, Ascension clocks in at well over 100+ IBUs and packs a punch as well with a rather high ABV.  The original release of Ascension at SIBF in 2012 was a whopping 15.4% ABV.  That was toned down a bit to the 14% ABV range for it’s 2103 release, and I believe this 2014 release may get another slight drop into the 13% range.

Two Beers Brewing Company's Regular Lineup Of Packaged Beers

Two Beers Brewing Company’s Regular Lineup Of Packaged Beers

Two Beers figures that any beer strong enough to give you a buzz after just one could probably use just a bit toning down.  I’m not sure I agree.  I had no problem downing a 22oz bottle of Ascension myself on a sunny Summer afternoon, but I know not everyone wants that much beer at such a high ABV; at least not on any regular basis.

Also releasing on May 3rd*, from Two Beers Brewing Company’s sister company: Seattle Cider Company, is the first in their new Washingtion Heriloom Cider Series.  This will be the first limited edition series of ciders from Seattle Cider Company.

Seattle Cider Company Dry Cider And Semi Sweet Cider

Seattle Cider Company Dry Cider And Semi Sweet Cider

From Seattle Cider Company:

Much like the Alta Series, the Heirloom Series is a limited release program showcasing high-end boutique ciders crafted in small batches. The first release is a blend of Winesap, Newtown Pippin, and bittersharp cider apples. Alongside it we will have some other delicious treats including some New England Cider that was aged in Westland Whiskey barrels, a heather-infused Semi Sweet, and our new batch of Wild Ferment Cider.

Not exciting enough for you?  Well, rumor has it that Two Beers Brewing Company will also be tapping some Bourbon-barrel aged Jive Espresso Stout on May 3rd for your bourbon-heads out there.  So, whether you’re a Triple IPA fan, a Bourbon-barrel aged stout fan, a cider fan or even all three, there’ll be something special for you on May 3rd at The Woods – the taproom shared between Two Beers Brewing Company and Seattle Cider Company.

While you’re there, be sure to pick up some Ascension to go ($14 per bottle with a 1 case limit), fill a growler or two, and/or pick up some other Two Beers Brewing Company beers or Seattle Cider Company ciders to go.  Everything gets under way on Saturday, May 3rd when The Woods taproom opens their doors at 1:00 PM.  However, as with previous Alta Series releases, members of The Woods Mug Club will get early acess: noon instead of 1:00 PM.

Want your Ascension for free?  Here’s a special note from Two Beers Brewing Company:

In preparation for the release of Ascension, we’re spending the afternoon of Sunday, April 27 wax-dipping and hand-signing all 2,000 bottles of that glorious beverage, and we need some help. We’d need a commitment of at least 3 hours, but the first five people who sign up to help, get A FREE BOTTLE OF ASCENSION,not to mention free food and drinks whilst you help out.

Contact Two Beers Brewing Company ASAP to sign up, if you’re interested.

*UPDATE 4/24:

In order to avoid a scheduling conflict with Black Raven Brewing‘s 5th Anniversary celebration, Two Beers Brewing has decided to move the release date for Ascension from May 3rd to May 10th – 1 week later.

From Two Beers Brewing Company:

Because of conflicting events (namely Black Raven’s Flock Party!), the date of the Ascension and Heirloom Release Party is changing to May 10th, so that everyone (including ourselves) can go to both events without our livers giving out.

Drink responsibly and stay safe out there.

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