Peddler Brewing Celebrates 1 Year


In my most recent post, I told you about the 1st year anniversary celebration for Populuxe Brewing.  Well, around a year ago when Populuxe Brewing was opening their doors (in fact, it was the very same day), another new brewery just a few blocks away was also debuting to the public.  That brewery was Peddler Brewing Company and, like Populuxe, they will also be celebrating their 1 year anniversary next Saturday, March 8th.

Peddler Brewing Company was launched by two people with a passion for both craft beer and cycling – two extremely popular interests in Seattle.  “Owners Haley Woods and David Keller combined their love of riding bikes, brewing and drinking beer, and desire to own a business when they opened Peddler in March of 2013.  At Peddler, we strive to be a gathering place for beer lovers and support bicycling as a great way to get around our beautiful city.”  An extremely bike-friendly place, at Peddler they provide an indoor bike rack for up to 9 bikes as well as a bicycle work station, just in case you need to fix a flat, pump up a low tire, do a tune up or perform other maintenance while enjoying a few pints.  The cycling theme is prevalent throughout Peddler, with cycle gears and chains embedded in the concrete bar top and even bike lever faucet handles in the restrooms.

Peddler Brewing Company's 1 Year Anniversary Water Bottle

Peddler Brewing Company’s 1 Year Anniversary Water Bottle

Peddler’s 1st Anniversary celebration is set to kick off at 4 PM when they open on March 8th and run until 10 PM.  As a ‘thank you’ to their supporters, Peddler Brewing will be giving away a cycling water bottle with the Peddler Brewing Company logo to the first 300 customers who purchase a pint during the anniversary celebration (pictured above).  Be sure to get there early if you want a water bottle because, if this anniversary celebration is as busy as their launch was a year ago, they won’t last long.

Gears And Chains Embedded In The Bar Top At Peddler Brewing

Gears And Chains Embedded In The Bar Top At Peddler Brewing

To mark the occasion, Peddler will be releasing their special 1 year anniversary offering: VeloHoptor – an Imperial IPA chock full of citrusy Northwest  hops.  Coming in at 8.4% and 100+ IBU’s, it’s what you’d expect from a Northwest style IPA.  Also releasing on March 8th, for those who might want something a bit less hoppy, will be Peddler’s Tangerine Wheat.

With both Peddler and Populuxe celebrating on the same day, as well as the multitude of other breweries available to visit in Ballard, why not make a day of it.  Come out on March 8th and help Peddler – and Populuxe – celebrate their first great year.

Drink responsibly and stay safe out there.


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