IPApril Starts Tomorrow At Beveridge Place Pub

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Hops.  What would beer be without them?  They are a crucial element in the production of most styles of beer, imparting aromas, flavors and bitterness to various styles through the use of different quantities and varieties of hops.  Depending on the type(s) of hops used, they can impart aromas and flavors reminiscent of orange, tangerine, lemon, grapefruit, pineapple, passion fruit, pine needles, grass, honeysuckle (or other flowers), earthy or spicy tones, and many other qualities.  The bitterness they impart is also important because, without it, most of the beers you enjoy would taste far too sweet.

In well made beers, depending on the style of course, the bitterness of the hops is usually complimented by the sweetness imparted by the malt, resulting in a well balanced play between the two.  Of course, many IPAs (and even some ho-forward Belgian and pale ales) purposely throw this balance out of whack, providing an aromatic and flavorful hop punch, often with a more generous amount of bitterness and hop aromas and flavors than you’ll find in other styles.  With April right around the corner, Beveridge Place Pub is all set, once again, to celebrate all things hoppy with IPAPril: a month-long celebration of hoppy beers.

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The Pine Box Celebrates Their Second Anniversary This Week


Back in March of 2012, a brand new craft beer bar opened in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood, just off the corner of Pine and Melrose.  Appearing almost immediately on several ‘best of’ lists, and keeping their patrons happy every day with a great craft beer selection, plus lots of great events, a full liquor bar and great food, they pulled no punches in showing everyone they had what it took to be, and stay, one of the best.

Here we are, two years later, and The Pine Box shows no signs of slowing down.  Though it seems like they’ve been around much longer (I can recall thinking the same a year ago), The Pine Box is set to celebrate what will be only their second anniversary this Thursday, March 20th.  The celebration begins when they open their doors at 3 PM, with what looks to be an excellent tap list.

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Introducing The Pacific Northwest Cider Awards (PNWCA)


Since 2007, Joel VandenBrink has been a very busy man.  That’s when he first launched Two Beers Brewing Company in a small 170 square foot space in Seattle’s Fremont neighborhood.  Six years later, he founded the first cidery within Seattle in over 90 years: Seattle Cider Company.  Now, less than one year after Seattle Cider Company’s wildly successful launch, Joel and Seattle Cider Company, with sponsorship from Washington Beer Blog and Capitol Cider, is ready to kick off a whole new cider event in the Pacific Northwest.

The first annual Pacific Northwest Cider Awards (PNWCA) are set to take place from June 5th to June 8th, 2014.  The event will be privately judged at Capitol Cider on Thursday, June 5th, followed by a three-day festival at Seattle Cider Company’s tasting room: The Woods, from June 6th thru June 8th.

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Foggy Noggin 4th Anniversary And Vertical Tasting


It’s time for a Fn celebration!  Foggy Noggin Brewing, the brewery that brought you 12th… uh… I mean Skitt… uh… wait.  The brewery that brought you Cease & Desist IPA, in celebration of our own World Champion Seattle Seahawks, is preparing to celebrate their fourth anniversary on Saturday, March 22nd.

As has become customary in previous years to mark their anniversary, Foggy Noggin Brewing will be releasing the 2014 version of their English Old Ale.  This popular beer is available only in limited supplies, so you might want to think about pre-ordering some.  Pre-sales of Foggy Noggin Brewing 4th Anniversary English Old Ale will be available by the case on the 3 Saturday’s prior to the anniversary celebration (meaning that pre-sales started on March 1st and will continue on March 8th and March 15th).  Those pre-ordering cases may pick them up during the weeks after.  Visit Foggy Noggin’s website for more information.

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Seattle Cider Company Releases Gin Botanical


Seattle Cider Company opened their doors to the public just this past August at The Woods, the tasting room that Seattle Cider Company shares with their sister company, Two Beers Brewing Company, and their ciders have already become extremely popular.  If you were there for that grand opening event, or in the week or so that followed, you might have had a chance to taste a unique new cider called Gin Botanical.  Infused with the same botanicals used in the production of Gin during fermentation, Seattle Cider Company’s Gin Botanical was an immediate hit, and many have been eagerly awaiting it’s return ever since.

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Peddler Brewing Celebrates 1 Year


In my most recent post, I told you about the 1st year anniversary celebration for Populuxe Brewing.  Well, around a year ago when Populuxe Brewing was opening their doors (in fact, it was the very same day), another new brewery just a few blocks away was also debuting to the public.  That brewery was Peddler Brewing Company and, like Populuxe, they will also be celebrating their 1 year anniversary next Saturday, March 8th.

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