12 Breweries, 5 Events And Triple The IPA Goodness – UPDATED 2/10


India Pale Ale was originally brewed with just slightly higher alcohol and more hops than standard Pale Ales or Porters of the day.  People often believe that the IPA style was specifically formulated with much higher alcohol and higher hop concentration, in order to help the beer survive the long (4 month) voyage from England to India.  However, the myth that IPA was far higher in alcohol or that it needed that higher alcohol and/or higher hop concentration to survive the journey has been debunked.  After all, Porters and even standard Pale Ales were able to make the same trip just fine without spoilage.

Even so, the IPA style continued to grow in popularity and has evolved considerably since it’s first appearance in England in the mid 18th century.  Today, American craft brewers have really taken the IPA style and run with it.  They’ve diversified the style with several different varieties of hops, increased the level of alcohol and the amount of hops used, and eventually created the Double or Imperial IPA and, later, the Triple IPA.

Cry Me A River From Naked City Brewery & Taphouse

Cry Me A River From Naked City Brewery & Taphouse

If you’re one of my regular readers, then you know I’m a huge hophead.  I enjoy a wide variety of craft beer styles from Belgians to Sours to Stouts, but IPAs, Double IPAs and Triple IPAs have always been my favorites.  The Triple IPA is a seriously big beer, providing an alcoholic and heavily hop-laden punch that sends my taste buds to Nirvana.  Just a few years ago, Pliny The Younger, a Triple IPA from Russian River Brewing Company out of California (no longer available in Washington), was voted 2nd best beer in the World by Beer Advocate (Their Double IPA, Pliny The Elder, was #1).  I’m not sure I agree with the selection (I have an issue with picking just ONE favorite beer), but it does show how popular the Triple IPA style has become.

Pliny The Elder (Bottle) And Pliny The Younger From Russian River Brewing (No Longer Available In Washington)

Pliny The Elder (Bottle) And Pliny The Younger From Russian River Brewing (No Longer Available In Washington)

If you’re a fan of Triple IPAs, then there are some local events coming up in February and March that you won’t want to miss.  Organized by Adam Robbings, Co-Founder and Head Brewer at Reuben’s Brews, 12 local breweries are currently brewing up their best Triple IPAs, and you’ll be able to taste them all at 5 different events, starting in mid February.

UPDATE – 2/10/2014 – The names of each beer have been added below and the event(s) have been given a new name:

Washington Hop Mob Triple IPA Roadshow:

The breweries participating are:

  • Reuben’s Brews
    Beer Name: Blimey That’s Bitter!
    Est. ABV: 10.5%
    Est. IBU: 80
    Hops: Citra, Simcoe & Amarillo
  • Naked City Brewery & Taphouse
    Beer Name: Cry Me A River
    Est. ABV: 10.8%
    Est. IBU: 100+
    Hops: Zythos, Simcoe, Citra
  • Pike Brewing
    (Details to come…)
  • Elysian Brewing
    Beer Name: Yippee Ki Yay Imperial IPA
    Est. ABV: 10.0%
    Est. IBU: 100
    Hops: Citra, Nelson Sauvin, Hop 291, Hop Extract
  • Black Raven Brewing
    Beer Name: Birdserker Triple IPA
    Est. ABV: 10.2%
    Est. IBU: 100
    Hops: Apollo, Bravo, Nugget, Comet, Cascade, Palisade, Calypso
  • Airways Brewing
    Beer Name: Very Loud Lady
    Est. ABV: 10.8%
    Est. IBU: 100+
    Hops: Warrior, Simcoe, Centennial, Amarillo
  • Bainbridge Island Brewing
    Beer Name: Hotopus Rex IIIPA
    Est. ABV: 11.5%
    Est. IBU: 100
    Hops: Cascade, Amarillo, Belma
  • Populuxe Brewing
    Beer Name: Full Spectrum
    Est. ABV: 10%
    Est. IBU: 100
    Hops: Citra, Amarillo, Columbus
  • Georgetown Brewing
    (Details to come…)
  • Stoup Brewing
    Beer Name: T2R Haymaker
    Est. ABV: 10.5%
    Est. IBU: 90
    Hops: Chinook, Centennial, Cascade, Columbus, Simcoe
  • Spinnaker Bay Brewing
    Beer Name: Three Sheets To The Wind
    Est. ABV: 12.5%
    Est. IBU: 85
    Hops: Zeus, Zythos, Citra
  • Strong Arm Brewing
    Beer Name: Denunciation
    Est. ABV: 12.6%
    Est. IBU: 120+
    Hops: Warrior, Simcoe, Columbus, Citra, Amarillo Cascade

The 5 different dates/places where you’ll be able to try these beers are:

Though not on the list above, the Triple IPA: Whiny The Complainer, from Big Time Brewery & Alehouse, will also be at two of these events: The one at Brouwer’s Café on Feb. 17th and the one at Naked City Brewery & Taphouse on March 13th.  Whiny comes in at 9% ABV(+) 100+ IBU and uses the following hops: Cascade, Magnum, Columbus, Simcoe, Amarillo, Centennial, Nelson Sauvin.

Mark your calendar now, and be sure to hit at least one of these great events.  Hopefully, at least one of these events is near you.  Just don’t forget, Triple IPA packs a wallop.  So plan your transportation accordingly.  I will see you at Brouwer’s on February 17th and possibly at Naked City on March 13th.

Drink responsibly and stay safe out there.

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