Airways Brewing Beer & Bistro Is Expanding


Airways Brewing Company (CBM Sponsor) launched back in Spring of 2010, after years of planning and many successful homebrew competitions – including a 1st place win at the San Diego county fair for what would later become their Jet City ESB.  Since then, they’ve put out a number of very popular beers, including Jet City ESB, their signature beer: Sky Hag IPA, Oatmeal PSA (Pale Session Ale), Final Departure Imperial Stout, Loud Lady Imperial IPA and many more.

After a taproom expansion at the brewery itself in early 2011, Airways also launched their 2nd location: Airways Brewing Beer & Bistro in November of 2011.  The Bistro has been doing great since then, serving delicious food, Airways Brewing beers and a few guest taps.  Now, to answer increased demand, Airways is ready to remodel and expand the Bistro from it’s current, meager 35 seats to over 150!

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Belgianfest 2014 Is Coming On February 1st


“Beer in Belgium dates back to the age of the first crusades, long before Belgium became an independent country. Under Catholic church permission, local French and Flemish abbeys brewed and distributed beer as a fund raising method. The relatively low-alcohol beer of that time was preferred as a sanitary option to available drinking water. What are now traditional, artisanal brewing methods evolved, under abbey supervision, during the next seven centuries. The Trappist monasteries that now brew beer in Belgium were occupied in the late 18th century primarily by monks fleeing the French Revolution. However, the first Trappist brewery in Belgium (Westmalle) did not start operation until 10 December 1836, almost 50 years after the Revolution. That beer was exclusively for the monks and is described as “dark and sweet.” The first recorded sale of beer (a brown beer) was on 1 June 1861.”  (*Source)

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Loud Lady IPA Is Back From Airways Brewing And She’s Getting Even Louder


Last June, I told you about a new limited edition beer from Airways Brewing Company (CBM Sponsor) called ‘Loud Lady Imperial IPA’.  This big, hoppy, Northwest style Imperial IPA is brewed with more than 52 pounds of Cascade, Centennial, and Simcoe hops for each 10-barrel batch, giving it an amazing IBU rating of 200.  Now, Airways Brewing is betting you’re ready for more.

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Tasting Four New Beers From Ninkasi


Last night I attended a tasting event for four new beers from Ninkasi Brewing out of Eugene, Oregon at Olaf’s (formerly the Copper Gate) in Seattle’s Ballard neighborhood.  Probably known best for their Flagship Series of beers: Total Domination IPA, Tricerahops Double IPA and Oatis Oatmeal Stout (and Vanilla Oatis) – and of course their Seasonal Series release: Sleigh’r, Ninkasi wants to bring more attention to some of their Special Release Series, Prismatic Series and Single Hop Series offerings.

The venue selected for this tasting, Olaf’s, is… uh… interesting to say the least.  I never made it there when it was still the Copper Gate, but I have seen some photos.  If you know the place, then you know about the Viking Ship-shaped bar and the vagina-shaped entrance to the ‘Pussy Lounge’.  The old ship bar is gone, replaced with a more traditional style bar top, but the vagina door and the Pussy Lounge remain.  Decked out with plush red velvet booths and big screen TV on one side, and 5 pinball machines on the other, the Pussy Lounge is a quirky little place to hang out and enjoy a few drinks and snacks.  The Juicy Lucy burger and the corn dogs are popular choices.

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Burgundian Celebrates Two Amazing Years This Saturday


Not all craft beer bars are created equal.  Thankfully, we have some pretty amazing craft beer bars in and around Seattle.  One such establishment is Burgundian in Seattle’s Tangletown neighborhood.  They opened their doors on December 28th, 2011 to rave reviews and have only improved since then.  If you’re looking for a place with a great beer selection (plus a full liquor bar), and amazing food to accompany those delicious drinks, then you need to get to Burgundian.

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Brouwer’s Cafe’s 12th Annual Hard Liver Barleywine Festival Starts March 15th – UPDATED 3/12

Logos From Previous Hard Liver Festivals

The holidays are over and we’re deep in the heart of Winter around the Sound.  I’m just glad we haven’t been experiencing the extremely frigid temperatures much of the nation has had to deal with recently.   Ofcourse, the rain has returned and should be sticking around with us for a while (with a possible break this Saturday for the Seahawks vs. Saints division playoff game).  Just do your best to stay warm and dry; perhaps while enjoying a delicious craft beer.  You can even get one if you’ll be at the game.  Century Link Field has been named the #1 best NFL Stadium for craft beer selection in the nation by The Daily Meal.

Though it’s only January, that doesn’t mean we can’t start thinking about one of the great joys approaching for Seattle area craft beer enthusiasts.  Namely: Barleywine festivals.  Each year, throughout the Winter and early Spring, craft breweries across the nation and the World start releasing their barleywines and a few different annual events are approaching to celebrate these wonderfully robust creations.

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Two Beers, Seattle Cider & New Belgium Announce GRAFF(T)


It’s time for a Two Beers three-way!  In a unique collaboration, Two Beers Brewing Company has partnered with Seattle Cider Company and New Belgium Brewing Company to bring you a one of a kind ‘Graff’.  This unique beer/cider combination style, an India Pale Lager combined brewed with apple must, combines special New Belgium hop varieties, Two Beers malts and unfermented apple juice from Seattle Cider Company into a concoction that both beer and cider lovers can get behind.

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2014 Bottle Release Schedule For Reuben’s Brews


Seattle’s Ballard neighborhood has proven to be a popular area in which to open a microbrewery.  The area is jam-packed with breweries around nearly every corner.  That’s great for people who live in the Ballard area or can get there easily.  For others, however, Ballard can be a bit out of the way at times, which is why it’s great when breweries start packaging their products for distribution in local bottle shops and grocery stores.

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