Bad Jimmy’s Brewing Opens This Friday


Way back in February of this year, I told you about another new brewery coming to Seattle’s Ballard neighborhood.  That brewery, Bad Jimmy’s Brewing Company, had originally set themselves a target of opening by April 2013.  Unfortunately, due to some delays in obtaining all the necessary licenses and a few other issues they had to work through (mostly some plumbing and drain issues), they did not hit that April target.  Instead, after an extremely successful Kickstarter campaign and lots of hard work, Bad Jimmy’s, Ballard’s newest brewery, will be opening their doors to the public this coming Friday, December 27th at 5:00 PM.

T-Shirts And Sweatshirts, Ready To Go Out To Bad Jimmy's Kickstarter Supporters

T-Shirts And Sweatshirts, Ready To Go Out To Bad Jimmy’s Kickstarter Supporters

Set to go with an ambitious and eclectic lineup of beers (four of which should be on tap for opening day) and planning to be open 7 days a week, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding a time to drop by Bad Jimmy’s.  Their hours of operation (except for the 5:00 PM opening on the 27th) will be from Noon to Midnight, Sunday thru. Thursday and Noon to 2:00 AM on Fridays and Saturdays.  Bad Jimmy’s doesn’t have a kitchen, but any outside food is always welcome and they have some snacks available for purchase including:

  • Tim’s Cascade Potato Chips (2 oz. bag) $2
  • Sahale Snacks Gourmet Nuts (2 oz. bag) $3.50
  • Stewart’s Meat Market Original Beef Jerky (1/4 lb. package) $6
  • Seattle Sinsations Seasoned Pretzels (3.75 oz. package) $6
  • KuKuRuZa Gourmet Popcorn (1.5 cup bag) $5
My Tasters: Pale, IPA, Red & Habañero Amber

My Tasters: Pale, IPA, Red & Habañero Amber

I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity this past weekend to drop by Bad Jimmy’s, chat again with one of the founders, Billy Burdick, and taste a few of the beers (some not yet carbonated/still fermenting).  Even the ones that were not yet carbonated were quite tasty.  The four beers I tried, which are the beers Bad Jimmy’s plans to have on tap opening day, were:

  • Pale Ale: (5.7% – 39 IBUs)  With a beautiful pale copper hue, fluffy white head and ‘assertive’ enough with the hops (Cascade, Centennial & Fuggle) to be a true ‘Northwest’ Pale Ale, this one was quite delicious.
  • IPA: (7.8% – 67 IBUs) This was the most recent beer Bad Jimmy’s brewed and my taste came straight out of the fermenter, so it was rather clouded with yeast.  Still, the flavor was good and I was able to detect the Cascade and Centennial hops quite well.  I think this one will be a hit.
  • Red Ale: (6.9% – 55 IBUs) A solid red ale with just the slightest touch of sourness (intentionally), giving it a subtle ‘bite’ that settled nicely on my palate.
  • Habañero Amber: (5.4% – 23IBUs) Even un-carbonated the peppery and slightly smoky aroma of this one came through well; once carbonated, it should be even more detectable.  The flavor leans a bit towards black pepper with just a bit of smoke (from smoked malt in the mash) and the habañero heat is there but mostly on the back end.  Very nice.
Bad Jimmy's Billy Burdick

Bad Jimmys’ Billy Burdick

Locating Bad Jimmy’s should be a snap.  Pretty much across the street from Hale’s Ales and tucked in behind Moxie, The Dish Café and The Leary Traveler, Bad Jimmy’s Brewing Company is located at 4358 B Leary Way NW, in Seattle.  You can reach them by phone at: 206-789-1548.  Their signs aren’t up yet, but should be by opening day.

As they ramp up production, expect Bad Jimmy’s to have more and more beers on tap.  Some other beers you’ll start seeing in the coming months include:

  • Walking Dead Red Double Red Ale
  • Stormy Sky Black IPA
  • Chai Chocolate Milk Stout
  • Chocolate Mint Porter
  • Honey Amber
  • Raspberry Lavender Wheat
  • Strawberry Mango Wheat
  • And more…..
'The 12th Van' - Bad Jimmy's Delivery Van

‘The 12th Van’ – Bad Jimmy’s Delivery Van

The idea at Bad Jimmy’s is to always have a rotating beer on tap, along with a rotating selection of guest taps from other local breweries.  They plan to brew only ales for the first few years, so they believe adding a few lagers from other breweries as guest taps will offer visitors other options while still supporting the brewery.  They also plan to offer kegs to local craft beer bars and 12oz cans to places that want them.  Bad Jimmy’s beers should start appearing in the Ballard and Fremont areas first, but they are in talks with many other bars and restaurants around the Seattle area to, eventually, widen their distribution.

So, if you have no holiday-related plans for this coming Friday, mark your calendar and come on down to Bad Jimmy’s at 5:00 PM for the launch of Seattle’s newest brewery.  You can also click HERE to see a few more photos.

Drink responsibly and stay safe out there.

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