Wisdom Seeker Returns From Black Raven Brewing


There are a few beer releases each year that many people look forward to. For example: all the wonderful fresh hop beers that are starting to appear right now with the hop harvest.  Now, it’s time for another rotating/limited release that local hopheads can rejoice about: the latest release of Wisdom Seeker Double IPA from Black Raven Brewing out of Redmond, Washington.

Seated firmly in my top 5 for IPAs/Imperial IPAs for years now, Wisdom Seeker has a beautiful, clear amber hue, a wonderfully citrusy and piney hop aroma and flavor with a bitterness that lingers pleasantly, but with enough malt sweetness to balance things out very nicely.


The latest release of Wisdom Seeker is set for this coming Saturday, September 7th, starting at noon at Black Raven Brewing: 14679 NE 95th Street, Redmond, Washington.  You can enjoy Wisdom Seeker at the Black Raven taproom or take a couple of growlers to go (limit 2 growlers).  Note: There will be NO bottles for this particular batch of Wisdom Seeker (meaning none will appear in your local bottle shop), so you’ll have to head to Black Raven to get your fill before it’s all gone.

Drink responsibly and stay safe out there.

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