Seattle Beer Week Starts Tomorrow – Craft Beer Monger’s Picks


Last week I mentioned that, this year for Seattle Beer Week, I’ll be scaling back my participation a bit from the previous few years.  “This is due primarily to some work and school commitments, but also due to some personal financial considerations.  I may attend more than one event on certain days, but for the most part, one event a day is what I’m budgeted for this year.”  The events I outlined in that post seemed to be the most cost effective for anyone trying to do Seattle Beer Week on a tight budget, while giving you the most overall value for your dollar.  However, they weren’t all necessarily the exact events I plan on attending myself.

Now that the majority of the events have been posted up for Seattle Beer Week 2013, I’ve had a chance to look them all over and see which ones I’m most interested in attending.  As with all plans things may change, but here are the Seattle Beer Week events I’m planning on attending from the 9th to the 19th:

Thursday, May 9th:

Seattle Beer Week Kickoff at Fremont Brewing Company – 5:30 PM

This is, technically, the second stop on the opening night events (the first being Kickoff Pre-Funk With Cascade at The Sixgill), but Fremont Brewing is where the reading of the Mayor’s Proclamation will take place, as well as the launch of the Seattle Beer Week 2013 Organic Session Pale Ale – the official Seattle Beer Week #5 beer, brewed by Fremont Brewing of course.  See you there.

After the Kickoff and reading of the Mayor’s Proclamation at Fremont, I plan to hit up just one more launch event before calling it a night:

Kickoff Stop #2/Cask-O-Rama at Beveridge Place Pub – 6:00 PM

The bartop at Beveridge Place Pub will be covered with Casks for the 2nd stop on Seattle Beer Week 2013 Kickoff events.  According to Beveridge Place: “All Seattle breweries, all casks on the bartop, sixteen in all!”  Here’s the list of casks you can expect to see:

  • Big Al Civ White IPA
  • Elliott Bay Hellmount IPA
  • Elysian Spacedust IPA
  • Fremont SBW Session Pale
  • Georgetown Superchopp Imperial Red
  • Hales Belgian Golden Strong
  • Hilliards dry-hopped Chrome Satan
  • Machine House Pale w/nettles
  • Naked City Crossfire IPA
  • Odin Abbey Single w/Rosehips
  • Outlander Que Pasilla-Chili Amber
  • Pike Octopus Ink CDA
  • Reuben’s dry-hopped Imperial IPA
  • Schooner Exact Imperial Porter
  • Two Beers Habanero Forester Imp. IPA
  • Urban Family St. Mantooth IPA

Friday, May 10th:

Underberg Back In Black Stout Fest at Brouwer’s Cafe – 11:00 AM

For this popular, annual event, Brouwer’s will replace at least 40 of their 57 taps with Stouts of every variety from around the state, country and World.  As with most Brouwer’s events, it’s always a good idea to get in line early (if you have Friday off, that is).  Watch for special menu items as well.  Brouwer’s has put up a preliminary tap list for Back In Black.  A few of those on this list might not make it, but most will:

  • Deschutes The Abyss ’10 (11%) Oregon
  • Deschutes The Abyss ’11 (11%) Oregon
  • Djaevlebryg Gudelos (8.9%) Denmark
  • Djaevlebryg Pride of Nekron (10.2%) Denmark
  • Double Mountain Black Irish Stout (4.5%) Nitro Oregon
  • Double Mountain Formidable (11%) Oregon
  • Ellezelloise Hercule Stout (9%) Belgium
  • Elysian Dark of the Moon ’12(6.5%) Washington
  • Emelisse Ardbeg Stout Milk Stout (10.5%) Netherlands
  • Emelisse Russian Imperial Stout ’12 (11%) Netherlands
  • Evil Twin/Westbrook Mini Growler (12%) Denmark
  • Evil Twin Yin and Yang(12%) Denmark
  • Fano/Hopping Frog Natasha Rocks (7.5%) Denmark
  • Fort George Coffee Girl Stout (8.2%) Oregon
  • Fort George Rye Cavatica Stout (9.2%) Oregon
  • Firestone Parabola ’12 (12.5%) California
  • Fremont Coffee Darkstar (8.5%) Nitro  Seattle
  • Full Sail Black Gold ’11(11.4%) Oregon
  • Great Divide Espresso Oak Aged Yeti (9.5%) Colorado
  • Green Flash Double Stout ’11 (8.8%) San Diego
  • Howe Sound Mega Destroyer Imperial Licorice Stout (10%) Canada
  • Howe Sound Pothole Filer Imperial Stout (10%) Canada
  • HUB Army of Darkness (11%) Oregon
  • Lost Abbey Serpent’s Stout ’12 (10.5%) California
  • Mad River Rorschach Imperial Oatmeal Stout (7.5%) California
  • Midnight Sun Moscow Rye Imperial Stout (11.%) Alaska
  • Nectar Black Xantus Coffee Stout ’13 (11%) California
  • Ninkasi Vanilla Oatis (7.2%) Eugene
  • Oskar Blues Ten Fiddy ’12 (10.5%) Colorado
  • Pike Entire (8%) Washington
  • Port Older Viscosity (12.5%) California
  • Silver City Imperial Stout (9.2%) Washington
  • Skagit Trumpeter Stout ’12 (9.2%) Washinton
  • Speakeasy Scarface Imperial Stout (9.5%) California
  • Stone Bourbon Imperial Russian Stout ’08 (10.5%)California
  • Stone Imperial Russian Stout ’10 (10.5%) California
  • The Bruery Mrs. Stoutfire (9.5%) California
  • To Ol Golitat Imperial Coffee Stout (10.1%) Denmark

If I can tear myself away from Back In Black – and still be standing, I may also want to check out:

Fiddler’s Inn Barbecue with Brew Babies at Fiddler’s Inn – 4:00 PM

Four of Seattle’s newer breweries, Triplehorn, Twelve Bar Brews, Reuben’s Brews, and Machine House Brewing, come together at Fiddler’s Inn for an evening of great beer, great barbecue and live fiddle music.  Come welcome a few of the new guys in town.

Saturday, May 11th:

The Pine Box Can Derby at The Pine Box – 2:00 PM

Build your racer at home or come build one on the spot.  Race for glory and beer prizes.  All racers must comply with the rules and pass inspection before being allowed to race.  Click HERE for more details regarding the rules.  The race is on!  Click HERE for a brief look at last year’s races.

Sunday, May 12th:

2nd Hoppy Drinks On The Links at Interbay Golf Center 2:00 PM

My mom lives out of state, so instead of treating her to one of the many Mother’s Day events slated for today, I’ll be on the links.  $10 per person gets you a round of mini golf, and 6 beer samples from 6 different breweries at this 2nd annual event.  Email to reserve a spot for you and your team.  Don’t have a team?  Just show up, as I plan to do, and find a team to join.  Fore!

Monday, May 13th:

This Is Washington Dammit! at Beveridge Place Pub – 2:00 PM

This annual event will have 36 different beers on tap, all from breweries in Washington state; and all pints will be just $3.  What better way to celebrate Washington Beer during Seattle Beer Week.  George would be proud.  Also, with the very reasonable price of just $3/pint, I can attend a second event today.

Can You Handle My Randall at The Pine Box – 3:00 PM

12 different Randalls will be setup, each pouring a different beer with a different Randall infusion.  Can you handle it?  The confirmed breweries/Randalls so far include:

  • Brewery – Beer/Randall
  • Airways – ?
  • Big Time – Meerkat with…. ?
  • Elysian – Superfuzz with Pineapple
  • Fremont – ?
  • Iron Horse – Double Rainbow with Simco & Cascade Hops
  • Machine House – ?
  • Maritime – Lager with Lemon Lime
  • Silver City Full Fat with Maple Bacon & Peanut Butter Chips
  • Skagit – ?
  • Sound – Monk’s with Lemons, Limes, Ginger, Mint leaves, peppercorns, mango, green tea.

Outrageous!  How many unusual and wonderful Randalls will you try?

Tuesday, May 14th:

Beer And Burger Battle at Brouwer’s Cafe – 11:00 AM

Now in its fourth year, this gastronomic delight pitts six different breweries against each other in a battle to the death! (Not really.)  Last year’s returning champ, 21st Amendment Brewing, will square off aginast  challengers: Double Mountain, Big Time, Snipes Mountain, Green Flash and Maui to see who can offer the best beer/burger combo.  Representatives from all breweries will be on hand for this all day event.  The winner will be determined by the highest sales.  Come hungry and thirsty.

Wednesday, May 15th:

Annual ‘Score On Skip!’ at American Brewing Company – 6:00 PM

Think you’ve got what it takes to score a goal on Skip Madsen?  He’ll don his hockey gear and protect the goal while, for small fee, you can take 3 shots.  Score and you’ll win some sweet American Brewing Company schwag.  Don’t score?  You still got to shoot a few pucks at one of Seattle’s legendary brewers.  Also on this night, American brewing will be releasing Skip’s newest creation: a new Pilsner that has yet to be named as well as putting on tap a new collaboration beer, Fed White & Brew ESB, which American Brewing Company brewed in collaboration with Simon Majumdar.

Thursday, May 16th:

Sour Fest at Brouwer’s Cafe – 11:00 AM

It’s back to Brouwer’s Cafe yet again for another one of their popular, annual festivals.  I first attended Sour Fest about 2 years ago, in an attempt to learn more about and earn a greater appreciation for sour beers – and boy did it work!  Back for its fifth year, Brouwer’s will replace as many of their 57 taps as possible with wonderful sour goodness from around the state, country and World.  Pucker up, baby!

Friday, May 17th:

Alpha Acid Overload at Brave Horse Tavern – 4:00 PM

If you’re a serious hop-head like me, then this is one event you might want to consider.  Double Mountain, Boneyard Brewing and Green Flash Brewing will all bring their hoppiest.  Come assault your palate with hoppy goodness.

Making a decison on events for this particular day was quite a challenge.  Here are two more on the 17th I’d like to also hit up if possible:

Dogfish Head Total Tap Takeover at Elliott Bay Pizza & Pub – All Day

All 18 taps at Elliott Bay Pizza & Pub will be taken over by 18 different Dogfish Head Brewing beers.  Jim from Dogfish Head will be on hand along with live music, rare beers, special Dogfish Head bottles on sale and giveaways all evening long.

Midnight Sun/Black Raven Night at Burgundian – 7:00 PM

Burgundian will be tapping Midnight Sun‘s ‘Sun of a Beak’ Imperial Bourbon Barrel Coconut Porter, a collaboration beer, and Black Raven Brewing will be on hand with Trickster IPA, Tamerlane Brown Porter and a special Kriek beer.  According to Burgundian: “Midnight sun will be a Fallen angel and Meltdown with a special sour keg. We will be doing a food pairing with 3 of the beers and both Black Raven and Midnight sun will be here.”

Saturday, May 18th:

Port / Lost Abbey Takeover at Super Deli Mart – 9:00 AM

All the taps at Super Deli Mart will be taken over by beers from Port Brewing and The Lost Abbey.  According to Super Deli Mart: “You might even catch brewery founder Tomme Arthur enjoying a couple of beers before his flight back to San Diego!”  There will be some amazing things on tap for this one.  Things get rolling at 9:00 AM – and go until closing.

One other event I’m seriously considering for this day is:

Anderson Valley Barrel Extravaganza at The Noble Fir – 5:00 PM

Come try some amazing barrel-aged beers from Anderson Valley Brewing Company at one of Seattle’s most popular craft beer bars.  You can expect to see on tap: Wild Turkey Bourbon Barrel Stout,  Gatlin Damnosis sour barrel aged barley wine, Horse Tounge Wheat, a barrel aged sour wheat beer, Oude Bruin sour Belgian blend, Gran Cru, a barrel aged blend of Brother David’s Double and Triple, and our Featherleggy Bullrusher Sour Stout.  Now that’s a nice sounding lineup.

Sunday, May 19th:

The Dray 5th Birthday Parking Lot BBQ at The Dray – 11:00 AM

The Dray is turning 5!  Come out on the last day of Seattle Beer Week 2013 and help them celebrate with a parking lot party and BBQ.  Beer, tacos and hopefully, Seattle sunshine!  Food provided by The Yard (The Dray’s sister bar).  Beers by Firestone Walker Brewing Company – and Tommy from Firestone Walker will be on hand.  Also, the ‘Stumbletown Beer Olympics’ will be wrapping up at The Dray on this afternoon.  Check out The Dray’s website for more information.

There you have it – a full 10 days of Seattle Craft Beer goodness.  Will I be seeing you at any of these events, or does your plan of attack differ entirely from my own?  No matter which Seattle Beer Week events you choose to attend, you should have a great time.  Keep checking back here for daily updates on the events I attend, and have a great time at Seattle Bee Week 2013!

Drink responsibly and stay safe out there.

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