The Washington Brewer’s Festival Is Coming On June 14th


Does your dad like craft beer?  Are you a dad yourself who likes craft beer?  Then I’ve got the perfect Father’s Day weekend activity for you: The Washington Brewer’s Festival.  Kicking off this year on Friday, June 14th, this 3-day festival celebrates the best around from only Washington breweries.  According to the Washington Beer Commission: “The Washington Brewer’s festival is a unique all-age beer festival where thousands of beer aficionados and families gather to celebrate Father’s Day weekend. This year’s event will feature over 250 different beers from 72 different Washington breweries. In addition, the festival offers great food, live music stage, brewer’s keg toss, root beer garden, kids area, craft booths, wine and cider tasting.”

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Recap Of The Beer And Burger Battle At Brouwer’s Cafe


Beer and burgers – they were made to go together, but Brouwer’s brought things to a whole new level with their Beer And Burger Battle, which took place last Tuesday 5/14, during Seattle Beer Week 2013.  This epic gastronomic showdown pitted five different breweries against each other in a winner take all battle for beer and burger glory.  Last year’s defending champ, 21st Amendment Brewery, took on challengers: Big Time Brewery & Alehouse, Snipes Mountain Brewing, Double Mountain Brewery & Taproom, Maui Brewing Company and Green Flash Brewing Company.

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Can You Handle My Randall Recap

Can You Handle These Randalls?

Can You Handle These Randalls?

Seattle Beer Week 2013 is over; some might say thankfully so, since Beer Week can often really do a number on your liver, your sleep patterns, etc., but I’m a bit sad to see it go until next year.  I think I’m nearly done recuperating from Seattle Beer Week 2013, but I wanted to update you on some of the other events I attended throughout the rest of the week.  I attended several different events since my ‘Seattle Beer Week So Far’ article and I will fill you in on them all, in order.  Let me start off by detailing one of my favorite events, due to the unique nature of the combinations to be found: ‘Can You Handle My Randall’ at The Pine Box.

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Airways Brewing Releases A Collaboration Beer With Seattle Beer Broads – UPDATED


With Seattle Beer Week 2013 upon us there are amazing beers everywhere, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for one more!  Today, May 13th, at their taproom in Kent, Airways Brewing Company (Craft Beer Monger sponsor) is releasing the second annual collaboration beer, brewed together with The Seattle Beer Broads; a group of local women working in the craft beer industry.

For this year’s collaboration, Airways Brewing and Seattle Beer Broads decided to create an ESB, ‘Beer Broads Spring Bitter’, which will be on tap at both Airways Brewing as well as a few different Seattle Beer Week events (See below for details).

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Ascension Returns As The Second Release In Two Beers Brewing’s Alta Series


Back in February of this year, Two Beers Brewing Company released the first in their new ‘Alta Series’ of limited edition beers.  That release was their Switchback Russian Imperial Stout, a delicious and hearty 12% Imperial Stout.  Now, with Seattle Beer Week upon us, Two Beers is set to release the next beer in the Alta Series: Ascension Triple IPA.  First released as the flagship beer for the Seattle International Beerfest last year, Ascension is set for re-release this coming Saturday, May 18th at Two Beers Brewing Company’s ‘The Woods’ taproom.

Billed as a ‘true triple’, this limited edition ale clocks in at a whopping 15.4% ABV and over 100+ IBUs.  It uses three times the amount of hops as Two Beers’ popular Evolutionary IPA, which was also the base recipe for Ascension.

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Seattle Beer Week So Far (5/9 – 5/12)

My Pint Of SBW 5th Anniversary Pale Ale & A Six Pack To Go

My Pint Of SBW 5th Anniversary Pale Ale & A Six Pack To Go

Today, Monday, May 13th, is the 5th day of Seattle Beer Week 2013.   Before I head out to ‘Can You Handle My Randall’ today at The Pine Box, I wanted to recap for you the events I have attended during the first four days up until the 12th.  In all, I have attended nine different events so far, including three stops on the 9th – kickoff night, at several locations all around the city.

Things kicked off for me on the 9th with a little personal pre-event at Fremont Brewing.  I wanted to try a pint of the official Seattle Beer Week Pale Ale, and grab a six pack to take home before things started to get too crazy.  Fremont did a great job with the Pale Ale.  It’s a nice, flavorful session Ale that’s been a great accompaniment to the wonderful, warm weather we’ve been having lately.

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Seattle Beer Week Starts Tomorrow – Craft Beer Monger’s Picks


Last week I mentioned that, this year for Seattle Beer Week, I’ll be scaling back my participation a bit from the previous few years.  “This is due primarily to some work and school commitments, but also due to some personal financial considerations.  I may attend more than one event on certain days, but for the most part, one event a day is what I’m budgeted for this year.”  The events I outlined in that post seemed to be the most cost effective for anyone trying to do Seattle Beer Week on a tight budget, while giving you the most overall value for your dollar.  However, they weren’t all necessarily the exact events I plan on attending myself.

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Is ‘Children Welcome’ Really Such A Good Idea?


“Children under 21 welcome until 8:00PM”

It’s a sign you see often these days, at more and more bars around the Puget Sound (sometimes it’s 9:00PM, but the basic idea is the same).  It means, while visiting many local pubs, taverns and breweries, you’ll often see teenagers, young kids and even babies around as you enjoy your drink(s).  What prompted this change, and is it really such a good idea?

I first started seeing these signs pop up in a few pubs/taverns I frequent about two years ago.  One of the places I know, Big Time Brewery in Seattle’s University district, installed a ‘railing’ around the bar area just to facilitate this rule (children under 21 must remain outside the railing that indicates the ‘bar’ area at all times – even before 8:00PM).  Now, it seems even more places are adopting this rule, including places like The Yard Cafe in Seattle’s Greenwood neighborhood.

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Great Craft Beer Deserves Great Food


How many times have you seen an advertisement for a restaurant, fast food or otherwise, where the food being shown looks simply incredible?  The ribs look perfect, with just the right amount of sauce.  The burger looks thick and juicy, with plenty of lettuce, tomato and cheese.  That dish of Italian pasta?  It’s virtually overflowing from the dish and covered in a decadent sauce and curls of hand-shaved Asiago cheese.  But what happens when you actually go to these places and order what you saw in the ad?  Unfortunatley, most of the time it’s a bit of a disappointment.  The ribs are dry and overcooked, and they want to charge your for extra sauce.  The burger looks like something someone sat on while on the bus.  The pasta looks more like something that came out of a can with Chef Boyardee smiling at you from the label.  Have you ever had such an experience?  It can be disappointing to say the least.

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