Seattle Beer Week On A Budget


The number of events listed each year for Seattle Beer Week is just staggering and this year is no exception.  There are over 150+ events listed so far (with more being added all the time) and, with so many choices as so many venues, it’s virtually impossible to hit every event even if you wanted to.  In previous years I’ve tried to hit at least 2-3 different events each day during Seattle Beer Week, which is a daunting and sometimes expensive proposition (not to mention, hard on the liver!)

This year, I’ve decided to commit myself to just one Seattle Beer Week event per day.  This is due primarily to some work and school commitments, but also due to some personal financial considerations.  I may attend more than one event on certain days, but for the most part, one event a day is what I’m budgeted for this year.

If you too are trying to do Seattle Beer Week on a budget and can choose just one event per day from the myriad of choices, the following is my top budget-conscious pick from each day.  There may be cheaper events on a given day (including some events that are totally free!), but I believe these events give you the most fun, the widest selection and the best value for your dollar:

Thursday – May 9th:

Seattle Cask-O-Rama at Beveridge Place Pub – 6:00 PM.  Though there will be casks galore along the bartop to choose from, with a bit of self-control you can limit yourself to one taster tray or even just a single pint or schooner of your favorite cask beer.  Got a slightly bigger budget?  Try more!

Friday – May 10th:

Underberg Back In Black Stout Fest at Brouwer’s Cafe – 11:00 AM.  As with the Cask-O-Rama a day earlier, there will be several choices (at least 40 of the 57 taps at Brouwer’s will have some sort of stout on them), but with a bit of self-control you can sample just a few and keep your costs down at this popular annual event – which is sometimes easier said than done if you’re a real stout lover.

Saturday – May 11th:

The Pine Box Can Derby at The Pine Box – 2:00 PM.  You don’t have to spend a dime at this event!  Just come on out to The Pine Box, build your racer on the spot and compete for beer prizes.  Who knows, you could wind up winning your beer instead of haivng to buy it.  Visit The Pine Box’s website for full rules.  And in case you want to spend a bit on a cold craft beer or some delicious food, The Pine Box has you covered.

Sunday – May 12th:

Iron Brewer Pro Tripple Header at Beveridge Place Pub – 5:00 PM.  Six different breweries will duke it out in this Iron Brewer challenge where Beveridge Place picks the ingredients and the brewers compete to see who can make the best beer using those ingredients.  For the cost of a single taster tray (I would estimate the cost of a taster try at no more than $15), you can participate in the voting and help choose the winners at this fun event.  Hungry?  Beveridge Place Pub has no kitchen of their own but outside food is welcome.  So pack yourself something tasty and come on out to West Seattle.

Monday – May 13th:

Class Of ’88 Collaboration Barleywine Release at Latona Pub – 6:00 PM.  Deschutes Brewing, Rogue Brewing and North Coast brewing all launched in 1988.  Now, these three breweries have collaborated on three different barleywines.  This will be only place/event where you’ll be able to find all 3 barleywines on draft in one location.  Come out to the Latona and try just one if your budget is really tight; or you can try all three.   In addition, Rogue Head Brewery, John Maier, will be on hand to answer any questions.

Tuesday – May 14th:

Sierra Nevada Hops Education Class at The Beer Junction – 4:00 PM.  Try four different hoppy beers from Sierra Nevada  (Hoptimum Whole Cone Imperial IPA, Southern Hemisphere Fresh Hop IPA, Torpedo Extra IPA, and their classic Pale Ale), and learn about hops from Sierra Nevada Brewmaster, Steve Dressler.  According to The Beer Junction: “Not only will Steve be talking about the finer points of hops, but he’s bringing in several different varieties of hops so it will be interactive too!”  There is no cost for this class, but you may want to spend a bit on the different beers Steve will be discussing to get the full educational benefit.

Wednesday – May 15th:

Score On Skip at American Brewing Company – 6:00 PM.  Think you have what it takes to score on Skip?  According to American Brewing Company (Craft Beer Monger Sponsor): “For a small fee you can take 3 shots on Skip, if you score (and not many do)…you’ll win cool American Brewing Co. swag.”  On tap will be Skip’s newest Pilsner (which hasn’t been name yet), as well as their new Fed White & Brew ESB, brewed in collaboration with Simon Majumdar.

Thursday – May 16th:

Sour Fest at Brouwer’s Cafe – 11:00 AM.  If you’re a sour beer fan, then you know this is a can’t miss event.  If are not yet a fan of sours but have been wanting to find out what you’re missing, this is defintely where to do it.  Brouwer’s will replace as many of their 57 taps as possible with sour beers from around the state, country and World.  Sample just a few to keep your costs down, or spend the day exploring all the different and wonderful sour beers out there.

Friday – May 17th:

Bodacious Beverages Brewfest at Beveridge Place Pub – 2:00 PM.  Looking for something a bit unusual?  According to Beveridge Place Pub: “Odd ones, rare ones, new ones, etc.  Barrel-aged brews, sour beers, fruit & spice beers, and more!”  A taster tray would definitely be the way to go here, allowing you to sample some usual and unique beers without breaking the bank.

Saturday – May 18th:

Tour De Pints IV With Flying Bike Cooperative Brewery at Pike Brewing – 12:00 PM.  Are you a cyclist?  Then this is the Seattle Beer Week event for you!  There is no cost unless you want to buy yourself a beer or some food at one of the many stops including:

  • Stop #0: Der Blokken Brewery in Bremerton at 9:30am (11:10am ferry to Seattle)
  • Stop #1: Pike Brewing Company at Noon
  • Stop #2: Machine House Brewery at 1:30pm
  • Stop #3: Von Trapp’s at 3:15pm
  • Stop #4: Montlake Ale House at 4:45pm
  • Stop #5: Fremont Dock at 6pm
  • Stop #6a: Peddler Brewing Company at 7:30pm
  • Stop #6b: Hilliard’s Beer at 7:30pm

According to Tour De Pints: “Map Cards, helmet checks, and waivers will be handled at Pike Brewing once again this year.  No pre-registration necessary, just show up with yourself, your bicycle, a helmet, and a smile!  The helmet check gets your Map Card which shows the route and will include a discount to a local bottle shop!  Feel free to join up later in the ride, just find one of us to get your Map Card and join the Tour.”

Sunday – May 19th:

The Dray 5th BDay Parking Lot BBQ at The Dray – 11:00 AM.  Close out Seattle Beer Week 2013 with a BBQ at The Dray.  How much you spend depends on how much you want to eat and drink.  According to The Dray: “Beer, tacos, sunshine and much more. Food by the Yard. Beers from Firestone Walker.”

So there you have it, Craft Beer Monger’s budget-friendly picks for Seattle Beer Week 2013.  If these events don’t appeal to you, or you’re just looking for more options, be sure to look at the full list of events over at the official Seattle Beer Week website.  Start planning now, becuase Seattle Beer Week kicks off in a little over 1 week.

Drink responsibly and stay safe out there.

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