American Brewing Releases Fed White & Brew ESB


Immigration is a subject that’s come up a lot lately.  There’s debate over immigration laws, how to handle illegal immigrants, and even how much scrutiny should be given to those who emigrate to the U.S. legally.  Well, American Brewing Company (Craft Beer Monger sponsor) is doing their part for at least one talented and ambitious immigrant with tomorrow’s release of Fed White and Brew ESB.

You might recognize the name Simon Majumdar from the Food Network.  He’s been on several episodes of Iron Chef America, Extreme Chef, Best Thing I Ever Ate and has been a recurring judge for the past three seasons of The Next Iron Chef.  After a mid-life crisis at 40, Simon decided he’d had enough of the daily grind of the publishing World and set out on a journey to “Go Everywhere, Eat Everything”.  After traveling the World and publishing two popular books (“Eat My Globe” and “Eating For Britain”), Simon is now working on his next project: “Fed White & Brew”, and part of that project involved collaborating with American Brewing Company to create a new beer called Fed White & Brew ESB.

Simon joined American Brewing Company a few weeks ago to brew Fed White & Brew ESB, and it will be released tomorrow at American Brewing Company in Edmonds.  American Brewing also plans to submit Fed White & Brew ESB at the Great American Beer Festival and Simon will be on-hand with them at their booth at the festival (just in case they win an award – fingers crossed!)

From Simon Majumdar’s website:

In 2007, I made the phrase “Go Everywhere, Eat Everything” the mantra of my life, and in 2013 as my new journey begins, I am going to use food and the people who produce, make, sell and eat it the tool I use to discover what it means to become a citizen of this remarkable country.

I am already a huge fan of eating across America and, for the record I have already enjoyed meals in 48 of the 50 states (with Delaware and Alaska being the only ones to have escaped my attention thus far). But, this time it is going to be different.

This time, I want YOU to help me discover America by inviting me to be part of your food experiences.

If you are a brewer, winemaker or distiller, I want to come and help you make your wine, beer and spirits.  If you are a farmer, I want to come and help you harvest your crops and sell them at farmers markets.  If you are a restaurant owner or run a food truck, I will come and help in your kitchens, serve customers and even bus tables.  If you are a hunter I want to be with you as you show me your skills and how you break down the carcasses of the animals you stalk. If you are a fisherman, I want to head out into the rough waters with you as you catch some of the finest fish and seafood in the world and if you are a cheese maker, I want to join you getting elbow deep in curds.

Simon, Skip & Dan At Black Raven Brewing

Simon, Skip & Dan At American Brewing

So head on out to American Brewing Company tomorrow, Wednesday April 24th, have a pint of Fed White & Brew ESB and see if Simon’s got what it takes.  If you get hungry, American Brewing’s ‘Big Mike’ will be on the grill, stocking up a hot dog buffet with plenty of toppings to choose from.

Drink responsibly and stay safe out there.

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